Built-in Car Hoist


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Feb 25, 2005
A couple of months ago, I posted ref my problem of transferring my wife who has AD from a wheelchair to our car - well problem solved!

Having tried transfer boards, portable hoists and seats that hinge out of the car, all had draw backs.

The solution was a built-in electrically operated car hoist, located on a mounting post, which is fixed to the front passenger seat foot well, next to the door hinge. When required, the hoist is manually located on to the mounting post (it weighs about 8.5 kg) and with the aid of a sling, my wife is lifted just clear of the wheelchair seat, before being moved into the car and lowered down onto the car seat.

I am delighted at the indepenance it provides, I do not have to ask any one else to help and my wife is not upset during the manouvre. When not in use the hoist is lifted off the mounting post and stored in the car boot.

It was expensive, probably 2 to 3 times the value of our car (Sierra) but the ability to take my wife out of the care home for car rides, provides priceless freedom and pleasure.