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Building an extension

Janey B

Registered User
Aug 15, 2019
Hi folks In the process of getting planning permission to convert our garage into a ground floor bedroom with en-suite. Been on line looking at the support available with building extensions for disabled use. Seen that some building work and equipment is VAT exempt Also grants are available but there is a waiting list and as it’s means tested don’t think we would be eligible. Planning on installing cameras as well.
Would we need a careers assessment before we were eligible? OH receives full attendance allowance and is diagnosed with FTD just wondered if anybody had experience or good tips re the building of extensions.


Volunteer Moderator
Aug 31, 2003
I had a bathroom converted to a wet room and didn’t pay the VAT. The chap who was doing did all that was necessary as far as I remember.

This is the government website on it -

Sorry I’ve no experience of building an extension! Good luck.