Birthday surprise


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Aug 3, 2006
Hi fellow carers, thanks TP very much for thinking of us on our birthdays 7th and 8th. To-day I feel great 75yrs young after a top of the morn run and presents from our son and daughter. Our son and one of our grandsons visited yesterday Jean's birthday 72. Our youngest grand daughter phoned saying she'd visit to-day. She's 17 and talked of how she missed the old home in the countryside and her pet sheep Pixie. I find it painful to think of the place which was our dream home for 25years. All nine grandchildren spent years there growing up, they talk of such happy memories. Is it any wonder when people are older the think fondly of the best memories of childhood, and like my wife who tried physicaly to find those happy places and friends of yore.
You will notice I mentioned in my post in Faking Alzheimer's of a girl from Age Concern who visited me for company and a chat. That was two years ago. Yesterday she phoned me! She's back from the States with two of her children, the other stayed in the States to finish High School. She remembered my wife's birthday, the same as her late Mother's. It appears she was going through a very bad patch, even suicidal was but saved by friends in the States. She's now got a good job and is fully recovered. Her boy her is to start at the local Art Collage, our son teaches there! The reason for her call was to thank me for being so understanding and helpful. I expect I'll be seeing her sometime. At 75 I'm aware how lucky I've been in life and now, more than ever to be blessed with the ability to enjoy returning the love and care my wife has given me and all the children. Once again a big thank you to all at TP and may your burden be lightened, God bless. Padraig


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Feb 17, 2006
Am pleased to read that you had a lovely day, Gosh I am 47 and I feel sad when my teenagers talk about the dream home we had in Spain so am wishing you more many happy new memories with your grand family that sound so big in the future Happy Birthday ((hugs))) from Maggie