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Bereavement pay?


Registered User
Sep 4, 2011
Not really dementia related but here goes.

Dad died last week after a short unexpected illness, his sister died just two days later, so next week we have two funerals to attend.

My brother has been told that the factory where he works doesn't have a company policy on bereavement so he has been asked to make up a reason so he can receive sick payfor the days he has had off, and also they won't pay him for the day of Dad's, or Auntie's, funeral.

I think this stinks, and shows no compassion or respect for the family.

He works hard for very little pay and can't afford to lose any money - is there really no statutory bereavement entitlement for when a parent dies?


Registered User
May 21, 2014
No, there isn't, I am sorry to say. You are allowed a reasonable amount of time off for emergencies or bereavement but whether the company pays you for this time is down to their policy on this issue.



They have however offered to honour his time off so far with sick pay which shows they are not heartless. Could he take a day holiday for the funeral(s)?

Alison N

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Jan 3, 2015
Your brother could ask his doctor to sign him off sick with stress until after the funeral. Any compassionate doctor would do that. Hopefully that way he will be paid for the time he needs to take.