Bath & sink plugs that prevent overflows


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May 20, 2003
DEMENTIA VOICE have provided link to the following website (they are the South Wests Dementia Services Develpment centre _ there are more in the UK).
Bath & Sink plugs that prevent floods

See for photos (cant seem to cut & paste photos from websites ????). Also no prices of these wonderful little plugs - need to email company I think.

Magiplug is a unique little device that allows the bath to be filled only to a specific level.
Ever left a bath running only to return to find a flooded bathroom?
The water damage caused by an overflowing bath can be extensive and costly.

Sometimes taking months to completely dry out,

Not to mention the damage to the rooms below.


Is considered by many to be the best little plug in the world because of its unique features.
It prevents your bath from flooding over and causing water damage to your property.
It works using a pressure-activated system.

When an unattended bath reaches a certain depth the pressure plate opens and releases the excess water
safely down the waste exit or plughole prior to flooding, this level will be maintained until the taps are turned off.
When the desired level is reached the pressure plate will close again leaving you a filled bath.


Is available in a wide range of colours: including Chrome and gold.

With the increased pressure on the plug as the bath fills, the unique mechanism opens
and allows the water to flow away maintaining a constant level.
Which means you never need to worry about thousands of pounds in damage as a result of an overflowing bath.



Making Magiplug even more streamline

Also with a great safety feature, "COLOURTHERM" the plug will change colour according to the water temperature.

Colourtherm is an amazing material that tells the user when the water is dangerously hot,

By changing colour at about 32 - 41 degrees C
This is a fantastic breakthrough in safety features and combined with its anti-flood mechanism
Magiplug is a unique dual-purpose safety device that no self respecting property owner should be without.


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May 20, 2003
PS memories of a flood

Its funny how the brain stacks away the memories almost to the point of forgetting.

The Forum enquiry about preventing flooding & the bit of research & contacting people on the 'network' I've built up has brought a memory to the fore. I arrived at Mum & Dads to find the bathroom carpet draped over the hedge in back garden, Dad with his sleeves rolled up , Mum with a long face, an atmosphere, so I knew they had been having words (previously a rare occurence) - you get the picture. Fortunately the bathroom was downstairs other wise the ceiling would have come down.

If the MAGIPLUG really works well - it should be standard issue to all households where anyone is confused or has memory problems - its not just dementia that can cause these symptoms.

Please post if you are able to try out Magiplugs - if they work - lets get them into use - one less flood means one less argument - I used to feel all these arguments were hammering the wedge between Mum & Dad deeper & deeper - the dementia was the sole cause of the wedge. Hammering the wedge down, pushing them apart all the time was being done by a lot of unneccesary things - eg flooded bathroom, friends turning away, medics talking over Mum. If we can prevent more & more of those things we'll be improving the quality of life DESPITE the dementia. Sorry - preaching again - I'm practisign for the time when I can have an audience with someone really influential - dont know who!!!!!


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May 20, 2003
My dream

You asked Norman !!!!

My dream is - a Prime Minister who creates a Department of Well Being - with huge resources for preventing ill-health (annual check ups to treat high blood pressure before its done its damage for a start!! & bone scans for all women over 50 !) & a totally 'joined up ' system of 'care' (health & social all in one) . Great savings in suffering and expenditure on treatments would be made.

All services woudl be seamless and integrated and from one community source. No time would need to be spent on Fundraising by any service provider, the right hand would always know what the left hand was doing. Our needs would be understood , there would be no need to fight for equality, or prove our case. There would be intelligent people to listen who wouldnt be using up energy justifiying their existence or spending half their time providing figures as evidence for their good work. We'd cut waste in all its forms & everyone would have a feel good factor whatever was happening in their lives.

So.... who should I vote for ??? !!

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