bad week of everything

barbara h

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Feb 15, 2008
county durham
After the doctor seeing my mam's deteriation a couple of weeks ago she contacted the pct for a re assessment. This happened on Tuesday and it was awful and upsetting they came to the conclusion that only one of the catagory's should be changed from a low to a moderate which still didn't qualify for continuing health care. Although mam had picked up a little bit since the doctor saw her she was still worse than the last assessment. They were talking about her prognosis as if it depended on how long she had to live as to whether they would help with funding or not. They are contacting her doctor again and we are waiting for a decision. Since then mam has had another mini stroke and has not eaten or been drinking for two days , can't walk because her feet are so swollen with fluid retention and is just asleep all the time. They should go and see her now !!!

Also when she had her first assessment they said for the first six weeks she wouldn't have to pay anything but when the financial assessment was done also on tuesday they said she would have to pay from the first day of going into the home (she was transfered there from hospital). We have had nothing in writing to say this and they are denying ever saying it although myself, daughter. sister and the care home manager all agree they did.

It is impossible to contact our social worker we haven't met her at all and have not spoken to her since mam left hospital on February 1st despite leaving numerous messages for her and her team leader to ring us.

Sorry to go on but it's been a bad week .It seems we are having to battle for everything and banging our heads against a brick wall with not much help from anyone. On top of which really worried about mam as it's hard to tell if she will bounce back from this mini stroke or she will get worse.

Barbara h x


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Feb 20, 2008
West Yorkshire
Hi Barbara
I am sorry Mam is going through such a dreadful time. The strain on you must be very telling. You have my sympathy. Dealing with SW and such like and matters re funding at such a time is awful. To not have anyone acknowledge your calls on top of all this is truly shocking. Hang on in there. Keep us posted.
take care


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Sep 27, 2006
I suggest you write a very strongly worded letter to the Head of Social Services in your area and list all the things you have mentioned in your post. I would also post a copy to your Local MP and let Social Services know you have done this. Good luck to you and don't give up the fight xxTinaT


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Jul 19, 2005
Ask to see the criteria. They have to give you it. Do a search as well try County Durham and Tees Valley strategic health authority continuing care eligibility criteria. Hope it helps