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Any tips please?


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Apr 28, 2015
Mil has Alzheimer's and vascular dementia. She lives in an annexe attached to our house. Her eldest son is getting married tomorrow and we're going to the wedding - 3 hours away.
For the last few months she has been ever ready to go - packing for the trip, talking about it, fretting about it. But in the last week she has forgotten all about it, claimed she knew nothing about it, repeated asks who's getting married, saying she doesn't want to go. This morning we stopped her leaving the house at 7am - she said she was going to town to have her hair cut! An hour later she didn't want to go to the wedding and then it was constant questions about what she needed to take, when she had to be ready etc etc. I was very relieved when at 5pm shed exhausted herself and wanted to go to bed!! Just hoping she won't wake too early and decide to wake us up!
My problem is - we're staying in a hotel and she will be in her own room! Any tips on how to stop her wandering? (We're hoping she'll have a few drinks and sleep like a log :D) Have decided to take some post-it notes to leave her little messages, but the trouble is she doesn't usually take any notice of notes :(


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May 18, 2014
Only thing I can suggest is she shares a room with you, can't see any way you will be able to control her wandering should she decide to do so or any sundowning. If other family members are in rooms next to hers [both sides] you could take a baby monitor with you, that way you'll be able to hear everything, hopefully.