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Another week gone by and the lessons I've learned

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Oct 30, 2012
Well, I've not been on here for a week and what a week it's been.. . . . .

I've discovered three things - one positive and a couple negative.

The first is - I've given up struggling to juggle and moved in with dad for a couple of nights a week. My hubby works away so I've upped camp with our son and gone for sleepovers. This is our second week of doing so and it seems to work quite well. It is obviously at the expense of absolutely everything in my life except our son as he is there with me. But I don't have to worry about eating, washing etc.

The second is, school is not very tolerant of dementia. I still have to work and our son had a transition day (he's four and starts school in September) starting at 1pm. I work at 12noon so my dad had to walk him to school. I put a reminder in his phone and I think he got there ok. But on my return from work at 2.30 it turned out that dad went over to school at least three or four times as he thought they were ringing his phone: of course it turned out that it was the reminder that he kept on snoozing! While school were sympathetic they were clear that a confused man was not particularly welcome to keep coming to school. Plus it is obvious he doesn't know how to use his phone or remember the conversation I had about the reminder I put in there.

He still won't accept there's anything wrong and despite a Vascular Dementia diagnosis we have no help whatsoever - should I expect any? The adverts keep telling me that we can live well with dementia but I'm not seeing this. What am I doing wrong?