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Alzheimer's Diagnosis


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Apr 14, 2015
My mum was diagnosed and given a book to read about her condition :confused: Whilst I agree about honesty, mum read a few pages and decided her life must be over, mum had in her mind, been handed a death sentence.
There was no discussing that she could still have a happy fulfilled life, for mum it stopped the day she was told you have Dementia. Poor Mum.
When I tried to speak about it I was met with, you have no idea, you don't have dementia.
I do have to question how people are left to cope with a diagnosis, without a proper support network.
Things have moved on a couple of years, Mum still tells people she meets, I have dementia......or do you know I have dementia. Had mum been advised she had a 'memory problem' would her life over the past couple of years have led a different path, without being labelled with 'Dementia' one we shall never know
It's a cruel world
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Jun 27, 2012
Welcome to TP.

When my mom had her diagnosis, her GP gave it to me, because she was entering middle stage and wasn't able to understand it.

If she were on initial stage I am sure I would had talked about it with her.

There are people on this forum with dementia. Mom used her car for years on early stage (without diagnosis), she helped some friends, she found a cheap restaurant near her home (no cooking anymore), she went on vacation and on airport noticed she didn't know the hotel name. She had a lot of life on early stage. Now, on stage 7, she seems happy, on her world, looking around, smiling sometimes.

After seeing my mom's dementia I can say dementia doesn't mean death sentence. (However I used to think that it were a death sentence)

If she still has capacity, talk to her about POA.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hi. Welcome to TP.

To be honest I think wherever possible the um experts should be guided by a close family member who knows the person well. Some people need to know the worst possible outcome some don't.

After a long fight to get a correct diagnosis and then medication (long story). Mums consultant at the time bandied the term Alzheimer's about like he was handing out a big bag of sweeties. Dad and I were horrified with him doing this , going by the look on mums face so was Mum.
My mum I feel would have been much better initially just being told it was memory problems due to her age. which is what we used to tell her when she asked us, she was so relived by this.
When we eventually got the diagnosis mum was already in the middle stages , was unable to do a lot of things even though she tried bless her, though she could understand us, she was unable to express herself verbally very well.

We have members on here who are not only living well with Dementia but who are/have been involved in campaigns to raise awareness or improve the care of people Who have dementia.
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