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Alzheimer's - Coconut Oil, Tumeric

Kazza B

Registered User
Oct 26, 2015
Hi All,
Only joined this group yesterday, I am looking for info. My Dad has Alzheimer's and the both of us live together, Dad is in the mod, severe stage.
He is still able to walk, only talks a few words, as he can't find the words he needs. Does not really understand what is said on tv anymore. He does get a bit agitated sometimes, but is normally a darling, struggles each and every day. It is just so hard to hear him say... he wants to go home and where is his bedroom.
My sister and I went to the Dr's today and told him how quickly Dad is changing,memory wise and we would like to try to do something. So we asked if Dad could come off any tablets he does not need. We have done a lot of research on statin drugs..so asked if he could come off them as well. Today the Dr has taken him off his statin drugs as well as cutting him down on anti depressants, he will do that one slowly. We are going to start to give Dad coconut oil and Turmeric tablets. Has anyone tried this and have you got any results, does it work? Thanks, we would love some info on this from people who have tried it.