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Advice on single sex (female) wards


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Jun 29, 2015
I would really appreciate any advice about finding an appropriate care home for my mother in law. She first moved into a home in February but by June they said that they could no longer cope with her behaviour. The main issue is sexual disinhibition: she fixates on certain male residents, following them everywhere (e.g. to toilet) and tries to get in their room at night. She also will always seek to sit next to them and want to kiss, cuddle them. This led to a safeguarding alert as there were concerns that it was causing distress to the male resident. She can also become aggressive when staff try to distract her or move her away. We then moved her to a new home at the beginning of the month (with their full awareness of these issues) and they too are now saying that they cannot manage her (in particular the reduced staff ratio at night means that they cannot cope with her getting up and trying to go into his room).
So far I have not been able to find any single sex homes / wards. The home / ss and cmht don't seem to know of any in area either (surrey). Any recommendations or advice otherwise about managing this would be greatly appreciated. Really concerned that placing her after being asked to leave twice will now be really difficult. Many thanks


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Aug 30, 2013
Is there a medication, that might help?
Thinking bromide in her tea?

This has come up recently, apart from moving her or him, its down to the staff to maintain the peace!