A Message For All Of You Wonderfull Carers


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Dec 19, 2004
Dear all,
I have spent many years trying to understand the illness Alzheimers, as i'm sure , so many of you out there have. It is by far not an easy one to cope with or to understand, especially the sufferrer themselves. We all so often are left wondering, puzzled, upset and trying to come to terms with AD.
I do not claim to know the answers myself, yet i have had an experience, one, which i felt helped me to understand a little bit more about how a person may well feel. I wrote this about 8 weeks ago, and at the time had no intention of sharing it with anyone, but, i have been persuaded by a very dear friend of mine, that i should.
I am not that religous, but, when i was writing 'Roses have Thorns', i felt that i was not alone, and, that somehow my dear departed mum was right there with me, i felt that, i was not the one guiding the pen, as, the words just flowed.
I hope that in the future when i write an induction for all carers who look after people with AD, that , they will be able to understand how it affects the sufferrer, also, how they can then learn to cope with looking after a sufferrer of AD.
I have worked in many nursing homes myself and, i often see how young carers are put into situations they are not equiped to deal with, l'm willing to try and change that.
I am posting 'Roses have Thorns' straight after this as i'm not sure how to attatch it. I hope it doesn't upset anyone, it truely isn't mean't for that.
This is for my mum
love as always Louise xxx


It is lovely. Thank you for your perception and insight - or should we thank your mother who gave you the perception, insight, and the ability to communicate the impossible with such touching sensitivity?