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A day in my life


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Mar 1, 2019
East Yorkshire
Some nights are bad. My OH is up and down several times during the night, he is unable to find the toilet so I have to show him where it is. He is unable to find the bedroom or get back in to bed. I assist him into bed only to be up again 30 minutes or an hour later. I am not very patient during the night. When it is time to get up I am not at my best. Other mornings we both sleep right through and that is so refreshing. He thinks we live with other people and I work there. He can no longer go downstairs alone. I go into breakfast duty after assisting him to get dressed. He leaves the breakfast table without moving his things. Why would he if it is not his home! He has always had a bath after breakfast so I keep this the same but now I go upstairs with him, run him a bath a put clean clothes out for him. I leave to have his bath and go up to assist him to dress again. Sometimes I find the clean clothes I have put out for him have been put in the laundry basket. During this bath time I get some jobs done around the house or do some gardening. 'Me Time'. The rest of the day he needs entertaining as no longer able to concentrate on any of his hobbies. He has Lewy Body Dementia which is so strange and so unpredictable. He loves being with family and often says how quiet it is when there are only the 2 of us in the house. Of course, where are the other people we live with? This is such a cruel illness and changes the relationship between 2 people. 2 people who used to be a couple, make joint decisions, he took me out and looked after me. I get down but then smack myself remembering that we are still together. I can hear lots of you nodding and agreeing with me out there. Keep going, we are not alone but we are the only people who can truly understand what our days are like. Take care xx