2 Weeks In A Care Home...update


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Dec 1, 2005
HI - it's been 2 weeks since mom has been in care home. I am not saying it's all great but time ticks on and some days I feel almost normal again-kind of! For those going through these early days i am writing this (and for me) Mom is obviously being fed and dressed - i can only visit 2 times or so a week (workf full time etc..) She has had her hair permed - which is good. Yesteday I took her to hospital for a follow up visit after discharge (she was in for 6 weeks) she came like a lamb (usually at home I couldnt even get her up or dressed) . dr says there is nowt he can do for her - but if bloods are ok he will see her in 4months. Kind man but...On friday she is going out to the xmas lunch at a local pub (with the home) So there are some benefits of being in the home. We had a lucid conversation on return from hospital
- about care home, living alone. etc.. so I hung onto that small normal time. Made me feel less guilty for a moment. It's a tough old time...
I attended a residents meeting at home - wierd. No other relatives there. Care manager was trying to get residents to talk aboutideas for trips out in new year etc... it was surreal but well meaning and something they have to be seen doing (consulting with residents etc...) The wierdest thing was - the possible visit of a donkey to the home who wears a nappy!!!! I had to laugh - but it's a bit rich isn't it, especially when half the residents are using pads.
Chin up everyone! mimi


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Mar 13, 2004
Mimi it's brilliant to hear that you're coping well and coming through the wilderness.
Keep going, you're doing great.
Best wishes.


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Mimi, glad to hear things are working out and that your Mum is settling into the home routines and outings well. Love She. XX