The mad things my dog does.

  1. witchpig
    If you have seen a couple of my post before you will know what my dog can get upto, From taking washing off the line and running around the garden to tripping me up.
    Through all my recent strife it has only the animals that havent judged me. They always seem to be there when you need comfort and sometimes even when you dont think you do.
    I have the pleasure of sharing my house with 3 rabbits, 2 cats, 1 dog 1 fish. anything else that turns up on the doorstep.
    They can definatly do some silly things. My dog has got frightened by a squirrel the other day and hid behind me. The next day he saw the same squirrel, tried chasing it up a tree and knocked himself out by crashing into a tree.
  2. Jancis
    Hi Witchpig,
    Glad to see another pet lover posting here. My Rupert is a whippet and they are classified as "sight hounds" so will chase anything that moves. He loves humans but isn't so fond of other dogs. He met a German Shepherd once when we out walkies and he was so scared that he ran round and round me, pulled me over then managed to wriggle out of his harness and escape - he ran hell for leather back home. I phoned mum on my mobile to tell her what had happened (in tears thinking he'd get lost or run over) and she went to the front door and there he was! He is always chasing the squirrels who visit the bird table and there is now one with half a tail! I think Rupert had something to do with that!!!
  3. eskimojo
    its still fun and games here with my 4 sight hounds 2 whippets 1 greyhound and my 17 week old lurcher puppy....mine have got a great game going on at the min lets all try and dig out our way out of the garden and having 4 doggies once one does it the others follow suit so hubster out most days with the spade re filling holes up
    jo xxx
  4. Maggs
    I'ts lovely to hear about the antics of your dogs...I lost my two wonderful shih-tzus 6 years ago, aged 15 and 16, although it still feels like yesterday...I have never replaced them because they are irreplaceable...but my life is not the same without them I hope one day soon I become ready for another shih-tzu, but untill then I am enjoying reading about things they get up to.on here..meanwhile..Im sending a hug and big sloppy kiss to all your wonderfull dogs
    Nite nite & god bless
  5. Arwyn
    Enjoyed reading these posts...but sad to read about your two much loved shih-tzus, Magg, It's so tough to lose much loved pets. I love daft dogs...our's is scared of pidgons, cushions that fall off the sofa, hovers that fall downstairs ...I didn't like that either, even though I caught it, Taz saw and heard what happened...he was shaking so much I had to cuddle him until he calmed down...his teeth were chattering too. He is scared of little dogs and wants to get past them as quickly as possible when we are out. For a big 4 stone Amercian Bulldog,..he is a very loveable scaredy cat!! He won't like me calling him a cat!
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