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Power of attorney

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Hi Everyone,
I need some advice I have just been refused Power of Attorney for my husband who has got vascular dementia I believe there is another option but very costly has any one know what it is. I would be very grateful for any info.

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  1. Littlelaura's Avatar

    I used to work for the Office of the Public Guardian so if i can be of any help. What do you need to know?
  2. Smeds's Avatar
    Hi Laura it seems I am to late to get power of attorney for my husband but I would like to do it for my self so any info would be great.

    Thanks. Smeds
  3. Littlelaura's Avatar
    Hi. If your husband has already lost mental capacity then it can be very hard to get Lpa. The next option is a deputy ship. This is where you apply directly to the court and they grant you the power. It is quite costly but completely worth it ( we had to do the same for my gran).There is also a remission scheme that you may be eligible for. I've put the direct giv website link below, there is lots of useful info on there about what to do next etc.

    There is another link with what to do next and how to apply.

    The office of public guardian are really helpful. So if you need more guidance you can call them.

    Hope that helps. Anything else you need feel free to ask. Laura x
  4. Smeds's Avatar
    Thanks LIttleLaura I will go on the sites and have a look.