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tomorrow is another day

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Hi you, it's me again.
Well, that's yesterday over with. SPECT wasn't a problem, John just very very tired, didn't sleep a wink last night, and in a lot of pain. Not himself at all. Neuclear med nurse said initially that results would take 3 wks, but after the scan today, she said the consultant would have the results in about 1 week. Something new for me to worry about!

Are they just less busy just now and processing results are more up-to-date, perhaps some are having holidays over the Christmas season?? OR, have they seen an obvious reading and know it will not take a lot of time & detailed investigation to interpret 'the picture'?? Then again, perhaps the consultant has asked for a prompt reply, she knows what this 18 months plus all the many months before has affected us. Wait & see, won't make any difference to the outcome.

Glad you blogged yesterday though, it'l be there if you need to look back & see how you felt last night. Have to add tonights, don't feel paniky or want to cry myself to sleep tonight. Feels like today was a bit of a dream, what with the snow, different part of the hospital, stopped for a burger on the way home, yum yum. Of course, the last couple of years hasn't seemed real, has it? You know it's real though, only too well.
Just have to wait & see, make the best of now, must make time to do some housework & ironing tomorrow, tidy the house, it might help tidy the mind. Oh well, you'd better go now, sleep well you, hope John gets some sleep too.
Night night you, night night me.

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