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  1. Down

    Dad rearranged the medicine cabinet today. Must check he hasn't moved the pills inside the boxs around.
    He's been eyeing up the trees in the garden, I've hidden another couple of tools, though An 8ft loping pole is hard to hide.
    I put in a couple more plants, why do I do it? When i come in I rush to see if they are still there. Half the time I create my own problems.

    Thought I was feeling carm but realised I'm clenching my teeth all the time making my jaw ache and ...
  2. Returning Expats

    You may remember me posting in times gone by. I told you we lived in Spain and things were good, on the whole. That living on the campsite was easy and after 14 years of it, we were well suited. (We had left the UK at the end of 2000 because of my wife's forgetfulness. She was diagnosed with early onset in 2011 on our last visit to the UK.)
    Just before Xmas 2014 it all started to go pear-shaped. Our daughter came to visit us, as she had done some 3 or 4 times a year, and said to me, “Dad, ...
  3. Aricept.

    Hi everyone
    I haven't posted for a while, but I read the blogs most days could sometime help me with some info, hubbys Aricept brand seems to have been changed ant the last 10 days he's really become more confused I wondered if anyone had any experience of this much appreciated Brannybob x
  4. Dementia assesment

    Had a memory nurse come round to asses dad today. He was very nice, and im doing everything as i should to look after dad, which i was pleased about.
    Asked about respite for next September, he thought it would be best for someone to come in rather than put him in residential as he seemed content here and putting him in an alien environment may not be a good idea.
    The only thing with that is i'm not comfortable with having a stranger poking around the house or coming in at the wrong ...
  5. Scattering.........

    Quote Originally Posted by VickyG View Post
    ..........Mum's ashes next Thursday ( 2nd April)........ it will be 8 months since Mum passed away (on the 1st ) and right before her 76th Birthday. We wanted to scatter on her Birthday ( 6th April ), but can't due to it being Easter Monday, couldn't do it on the Friday either ( Good Friday ) and are hoping that in the next week the bluebells will be up in the woodland area where Mum has always wanted to go. We have a beautiful plaque and post at the ready and hope that the sun is shining on the