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  1. Interesting reading

    I'm reading a paper that I was directed to by someone answering a question I posted about people from different cultures:-

    As the symptoms of dementia develop and individuals begin to lose their short-term
    memories, longer-term memories may come more to the fore. This may be
    distressing for people who migrated to the UK during the mid-twentieth century and
    experienced hostility and racism. It will also make reminiscence work, which can be
    therapeutic for
  2. NS&I and Premium Bonds

    Have POA for a friend. Tried buying Premium Bonds to spread some of her capital to avoid over £85,000 with any 1 provider. Took more than 2 months of providing POA showing her signature, her address, my signature, my address, her solicitor's signature and the stamp of the Office of the Public Guardian on every page, and then another solicitor's signature on every single page to prove the copy was genuine. They still wanted driving licence or passport from my friend (who has never been abroad or ...
  3. Setting up a new home for my father who has Alzheimers

    Hi there

    I am helping my parents move house (from the home they have lived in for 34 years) to a smaller home near to the shops in the same village. This is an emergency move as my fathers Alzheimers is starting to get worse. He can still drive but there will be a time soon when he will not longer be able to drive.

    I just wondered if anyone would have any advice for setting up the new home so I can make my father feel comfortable as possible and surrounded my familiar ...
  4. Looking for advice

    Hiya, I am a student Occupational Therapist that is looking at improving services. Through research I have found that although there are many services available for people with dementia, problems arise accessing these services. I am wondering why? Is it the time of day they are offered, their location, transport, knowledge of the services or any other reasons. I appreciate your feedback
  5. would appreciate advice.

    My mother has gone into hospital ,I have looked after her at home till now but she cannot swallow and has thickener now in her fluids ,on puréed diet and the medical profession are now saying it is"feed at risk"
    Her GP said she had to go in as becoming dehydrated even though I tried to feed her or give fluids often
    Mum is immobile ,incontinent sleeping a lot and only taking puréed food on a spoon when not too exhausted
    This wk sadly even bowel movement affected and ...
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