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  1. What do i do?

    My mam has alzheimers, she is in early stages and can still cope well on her own, i still work and have to work, but if i want to go out to see my partner which i do 3 times a week she will make me feel guilty, she says im never in and sparks an argument so i then say i wont go out, she knows when she says this i wont go, I'm only 41 and the only time i get out for myself is 3 nights a week, its not like im going out drinking or clubbing, I'm trying to have a relationship and if i dont have this ...
  2. Easter

    Dad ok. Physically not great, mentally worse. But little things like him enjoying a piece of chocolate are good.

    Child - vile. Least said the better.

    Work - can't think about it

    N = nag. FFS

    Where the hell is the CHOCOLATE!!!!
  3. More trial and error

    Some activities we've taken part in over the weekend to help keep my husband stimulated:

    My husband could not remember there ever being such a game as draughts. We played a 'trial' game to see how it went. Main problem was understanding that the pieces could only move forward onw place unless they had reached the other side of the board and become kings - at which point they could move forward or back.
    Lack of understanding that pieces could only move on the ...
  4. Two of me - and him - and them !

    We've had 4 days now where Mil seems 'stuck' in a belief that all the people around her have 'doubles'. This has been happening, intermittently, over the last several months, but as with a lot of things/phases that Mil has 'intermittently', its suddenly become the main thing we are seeing.

    She is constantly talking about 'the other woman' who not only looks like me, and shares the same name, but also lives in a house with exactly the same furniture, doors, and pictures on ...
  5. Managing Full Time Care at Home

    by on 19-04-2014 at 06:34 PM (Caring for Mom- Taking it day by day)
    The past few months have consisted of my daughter and her partner settling in to live with my mom to care for her. It has been challenging, and it seems my mom's condition has deteriorated as well. While it's comforting to know my mom is not alone, I continue to act as the daily support person. My daughter and I are in constant communication as I try to help them manage the day to day care.
    A few things we have noticed in the last few months:

    Mom is now completely unsafe doing ...
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