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  1. Mum – from falls to wandering

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    Mum seems to go from one extreme to another. Last night she was so weak and frail, and once again fell (caught by me and the sofa). Even though her bed (which is downstairs) was just a few feet away, she still didn’t know where she was going to be sleeping. I had to help her into bed. I had got her clothes ready for the morning and the carer coming to get her ready for day centre, as she always whittles about having to get everything ready. The last thing I said to her when she woke up in
  2. Seeing a decline

    We saw Mom this weekend. For the last several weeks, she's been more lucid than I can remember for ages. Well-groomed, remembering dates, able to carry a conversation. I must admit, the seeming improvement has made my head spin a bit.

    Twice, though, she's told me that we had plans, which we had never made, and she was angry when I told her, truthfully, that we had made no such plan (and couldn't execute it then, such as going to the eye doctor at 8pm when we had no appointment). ...
  3. 10 long years

    I need to tell my story. If no one reads it that's ok. Mom was diagnosed with dementia 10 years ago. I was her main and only caregiver, as my brothers lived far away. Long story short, I went through years of living hell, and nearly had a nervous breakdown of my own. Two years ago she went to a nursing home where she continued to decline to the point where she is pretty much bedridden and doesn't communicate. She hasn't known me for a little longer than that.
    My husband got a job offer ...
  4. And then the sky fell in

    Things have been ok since Christmas. Dad had been very distressed, angry and unpredictable so I suggested reviewing his meds and maybe reducing the cognitive enhancer in an effort to allow him to be calmer. (I don't know why I had to suggest it - thinking about it I have to suggest most things...). Anyway the enhancer doseage was halved and after a week or so, dad became quieter and calmer. He's had a couple of infections and a fall but bounced back from all of it. Visits were going well although ...
  5. Poppo!

    I call this one Poppo. Poppo is, in essence, the brand name for Tezuka, a Japanese company that made the clock. The Tezuka company was, prior to post-war (WW II) occupation, a tool and die company. During the occupation of Japan after WW II, such companies were not permitted to manufacture certain items but were permitted to manufacture other things (things characteristic of the culture of allied powers, of course). The Tezuka company sought to get up and running quickly, so Japanese workers could ...
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