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  1. Becoming so Lonely

    Hi Everyone,
    As time goes on after 45 years of marriage I find our relationship rapidly drifting apart. With my wife giving me no help or consideration, almost to the point of being selfish. I do understand that this is due to her condition, and that she doe's not understand. But this doesn't ease the heartache and suffering I am going throe.
    It has now come to the point, for my own sanity I take my wife to a day care centre once a week, at the moment.
    This should be a time ...

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  2. How to handle the 'down' days

    Mostly, I do the same as everyone else who finds themselves in the position of 'caring for someone, with this awful illness. I just 'plod on', facing each challenge presented, and basically just get on with it.

    But there are odd days - sometimes 2 or 3 together - where I really, really struggle and feel completely and utterly hopeless. Days where the fact that there is no end in sight leaves me feeling tight inside, and with no energy to do more than the actual caring, and everything ...

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  3. 1st day of half term break - how am I going to cope???

    Hubby woke up in a panic this morning and the day has just got progressively worse... Eldest son who is Autistic has switched his hearing off towards Hubby so hubby is getting worked up, youngest has a broken leg, my Mum is on a downward slide at the moment. What is a girl to do?????

    The usual I suppose, put a smile on my face even though I just want to cry and crack on with it. Where's a magic wand when you need one??

    Chins up and a big hug to me. XxxxX
  4. New Day Care - 3 weeks in

    3 weeks in to Mil going to the new day care centre, in an EMI unit - and I wish I knew whether Mil likes or loathes it!

    For us, its a lot better in several respects. She is collected at around 9.15 a.m. - that adds an extra hour and a quarter to the time we get a break for, and I am stunned by how much difference it makes! And the fear that she will just decide to leave and go walk about, potentially putting herself in danger, has gone because we know its a secure unit. Unlike the ...
  5. Day 299 Unusual eating and drinking habits

    Quote Originally Posted by Ionna View Post
    Hello all,

    It's been a while since I posted anything though I have begun writing an entry many many times.
    A lot has happened since my last post. My mother moved in with my husband and I on the 14th of June. We have gone through many trials. I won't go into it now as it will take too long. To summarise we are dealing with advancing vascular dementia, alzheimer's and a fungating cancer tumour - what a combination!

    We are at the point now where mum has almost