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  1. Chutty31

    My husband has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia could going into Artrial Fibralation have caused this or having a prostrate operation with a local anesthetic caused this
  2. Unwanted attention from a Dementia sufferer

    Quote Originally Posted by Annie360 View Post
    My mother of 99 is a resident in a very nice nursing home that deals with all kinds of care. She does not have Dementia, she is there because of physical illness.
    She has been there for 6 months is is very happy - We are close by, and can visit every day.
    However, last week a male patient arrived & has made her life a misery, it is very sad that he has Dementia, but his behaviour is most disturbing to my mother, he constantly stands at her door and stares at her, and in front
  3. Stressed ramblings

    OK, so today was not as good a day as it could have been.

    It was my husband's third visit to the early (younger) onset group.

    Just to set the background - prior to the first visit I had spent a few weeks travelling the bus route with hubby to make sure he knew how to get there. However, just before the first session started we were told that my husband would be driven by minibus (along with other group members) to and from the destination. It was an unexpected but welcome ...

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  4. Ramblings and note keeping..

    Nothing terribly exciting to report here - just making notes to remind me what I've been doing or should be doing!

    Monday/Tuesday 12/13 May

    General paperwork days on behalf of my husband

    Completed and sent off form for PIP claim (still not entirely sure that he is anywhere near being able to claim this yet, but putting the application in on advice of our local Alzheimers Group.

    Wednesday 14 May

    Husband really getting into ...
  5. Felt like yesterday was the longest day!

    I knew yesterday was going to be a busy day. Hubs on a 12 hour shift, son starting an extra work experience course to boost his marks for uni application - and my gorgeous youngest daughter had her 13th birthday. She had a 'fun' day planned - her usual theatre group to start, home to change, and then out to 'lunch' with 3 of her friends, followed by a cinema visit with even more mates, and finally home for a takeaway birthday tea - hubs was pretty sure he could get out of work an hour or so earlier ...
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