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  1. switching lives

    If it where possible would you????

    I have been thinking about this since I got woken up at 04:30 by my youngest (nearly 2 yrs old).

    The reason behind this question is in nearly 8 months of my hubby having symptons and being diagnosed with depression until two weeks ago, I have had a total of 10hrs me time. I don't think his or my family completely understand what the day to day routine is like. If they did I would probably get more understanding.

    I ...
  2. Summer Update

    by on 05-08-2014 at 01:19 AM (Caring for Mom- Taking it day by day)
    I just read over my previous blog post to see what has changed since then. It was a little over 3 months ago and it seems it's just been more of the same really. We have arranged for mom to attend an Adult Day Program 3 days per week now. She attends from 9:30 till 2:30 and they keep them busy with activities. The other 2 weekdays we have hired a companion who knows my mom quite well. She has been working for us for a couple of years now. She spends the afternoons with her and it gives my daughter ...
  3. me and my life.

    Day went well .mum got up when asked and all present and correct for visitors. Little hiccup in dog was ill and ended upnin vets with hubby. Half hour after they went asked when visitors coming. Later asked if we were going out. I explained I had clearing up and housework to do. Sulked. Hubby came up trumps and after collecting dog from vets took her out for an hour. They both came home looking tired. She dosed and I went with hubby to pub for an hour. Back and she is refreshed, enjoing wwi service ...
  4. Not so much 'Lou and Andy', as 'Mil and Annie' !

    Some days, I begin to wonder if I haven't found myself in an episode of 'Little Britain'.

    Ann(ie) - 'Would you like liver and onions for tea, love, or fish?'
    Mil - 'Oh liver, please - I like liver'

    (An hour later, I start preparing the tea)

    Ann - 'Are you sure you want Liver and onions? I can do you smoked fish if you prefer?'
    Mil - 'No, I want liver and onions'

    (Place liver and onions on the table in front of her, and we ...
  5. Blue Badge Application Update

    Good Morning all,
    Several months ago I applied for a Blue Badge for my Wife Barbara.
    Just to recap Barbara is only 63 years old, and has mid/late Alzheimer's with a MMSE score of 4/30. Intermittently doubly incontinent, and with all the usual problems someone has to face with the later stages of this this cruel disease.
    She was turned down by the caring and understanding Birmingham City Council. Following an appeal her application was again turned down, on the grounds Barbara ...
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