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  1. We made the Leap

    by , 23-08-2014 at 08:11 PM (Caring for Mom- Taking it day by day)
    Last week, I decided to check back with the care home where my mom had gone for respite care for a few days. They said they had a placement available for her in a private-pay room. We had already decided this is the way we would go eventually, since getting placement through the government-funded system is so random. If we waited for that, she could be placed anywhere in a very wide area. We wanted her close to us and in the facility of our choice. The costs are incredible, but as her condition ...
  2. Just some notes...

    I have noticed over the last week that my husband is showing slow decline. I don't know if it is permanent or if it will turn into a bit of a 'blip' from which he will pick himself back up again (as has happened in the past).

    Things of note:

    • Getting tired much earlier - he has been heading to bed by 9.30pm all week.
    • Struggling a bit more with using a knife. We had spare ribs a couple of nights back and he was still struggling to get the meat off the bone

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  3. Loneliness

    My husband has Alzheimers and has been in a nursing home for four years this November. He was diagnosed in 2007. I looked after him for three years until he became too unmanageable at home. We've been married nearly 30yrs.
    Prior to his becoming ill, I had my mother to look after also with dementia, she died in 2002. I then had a hysterectomy through cancer.
    My husband nearly died last year because he had an infection in his bladder, then, pumped full of antibiotics, they brought him ...
  4. Finding difficult to cope

    My husband has got Damenture and since the last few Months has deteriorated a lot,I am finding it more and more difficult to cope with
    his behabiour,when I talk to him half of the time He does not understand
    what I am saying,I am sleeping in the sofa bed in the living room,telling
    him in the evening,if you get up during the night to the bathroom,you go
    back to your bed,He keeps visiting me during the night,just the same.
    I have been looking into Respite,but I don't ...
  5. Mobility issues

    Hi, my mum is 86 and was diagnosed with cerebral vascular disease and dementia some years ago. In the last few weeks I've found that although she can walk about with help some days on other days she struggles to walk even a Few steps or to stand, is this normal with the condition?