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  1. not sure how to deal/problems with friends

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    Great you brought this subject up Hopefulasever!
    Not quite sure how to follow a thread as I don't use this site in the hope that it is irrelevant. Sadly it is not and your message rangs bells with me. My husband has Parkinsons/Lewy Body disease ...dementia and I'm finding it very hard to cope at the moment. I am 57 and my husband was 61 at diagnosis. Like you, I do not receive cards or gifts unless I buy them myself. It is all so sad. I have lost my husband but he is still alive and walking
  2. Activities

    Does anyone have any ideas for activities. My mum is in care (15 months ago) and lives 140 miles from me. I manage to get up every 5 - 6 weeks to see her.
    She is at the stage where her short-term memory is zilch but now it seems that her long term memory isn't there as well. I go through her memory box with her of family photographs and little bits and bobs like dad's badges that he had for bowling but nothing seems to register. Mum is constantly walking about and makes me worn out following ...
  3. Progress

    Hi Everybody

    I have been out of action while I found out what was causing the sudden onset of aggression in my husband. We stopped the Aricept and gradually he returned to a more normal state.

    He is not easy to live with but at least I can sleep easily at the moment.

    .I understand how difficult he must find life ,after always being in control he finds it all slipping away.He cannot remember the date or the day. He cannot find his way to the next town.He ...
  4. Panorama - Undercover: Elderly Care

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    Thank you so much, I would have missed it!
    This is so so sad and very unsettling for those who have loved ones in care homes. what chance do we have when care commission rates this as excellent and then tries to claim that they were happy with their findings.
  5. need a break but!

    the wandering and repetition is constant all day long.
    i know i should take a respite will be the first time.
    so WHY !do i feel so guilty?
    because rich is only 65.finding somewhere suitable is not easy
    went to visit a home on saturday:every resident were in their rooms most very frail and many bed can i put rich in there.
    because his needs require nursing as well.{he wears colostomy bag and urostomy} places are few.but i know i need the break! ...