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  1. Going around in circles

    I feel adrift. I'm coping and getting on with daily life but it's very challenging. My kids and hubby keep me paddling on!
    My sleep is disturbed, I keep dreaming that Mum is alive again and my conscious mind kicks in with the fact that she is dead. The dreams have been so real.
    My dad died suddenly when I was little, now Mum's death seems like an avalanche and I have no idea how to go through it. I certainly can't go around it. Brick wall time folks...
    Since Daddy died ...
  2. So much pain

    Life can be cruel. Mum has now had a stroke. She is so poorly. We were hoping agains all hopes that the drugs would help her improve. We were told on Friday evening that there is nothing that can be done for her. They have tried different approaches to helping her but everytime they get something done something else crops up. They have said that she should be in icu but because she is so poorly the outcome would be the same and they feel they would be putting her through more uneccessary pain. They ...
  3. Favourite conversation of the day

    Quote Originally Posted by Butter View Post
    I recently bought disposable plastic filters with fresh coffee in the bottom. Our son was outraged at the wastefulness of this arrangement. I was slightly ashamed.

    Husband to son: have one of those coffees. They're rather good.

    Son: they are b. wasteful

    Husband: but they have already been wasted

    Son (who does not mince his words): Dad THAT IS A REALLY STUPID ARGUMENT. I HOPE YOU DON'T ARGUE LIKE THAT
  4. Care home fees and attendance allowance

    [QUOTE=jenniferpa;552800]My first question would be: what expertise does the inland revenue have in this area? It's not as if this is even a taxable benefit.

    If a person is self funded (in England and Wales) they continue to receive AA.[
    [QUOTE=Charliebubbles] My mother is part funded at the moment by LA. When her savings are down to 14250, what happens about her state pension? I understand LA fund her care, but does she keep any of her pension? ...
  5. February 17th

    Well my sister is going to talk to the Mental Health Nurse about my Dad, 96, basically because she doesnt believe what I said.
    She is going to get my Mum's GP to talk to her about her behaviour towards carers, if Mum,91, doesn't like the carer she should not have to put up with her should she ? Mum can be difficult but the agency has at least 3 carers that she does like. GP is also going to talk about Mum's treatment of dad, who has dementia, because Mum is deaf she sometimes mishears and ...