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  1. In charge of his money???

    We each have our own Nationwide account, and also a joint account with Nationwide. This works very well for me as I can manage it all online and I have power of attorney so can manage Paul's as well. However, he saw an advert where the Woolwich would pay him 100 to change his account to them, and he has gone ahead and done this, though I said it was better leaving it as it was and it wouldn't be worth 100 for the extra bother it would cause me! I even offered to give him 100 not to do it! But ...
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  2. Day 2, Cycle 3

    by , 28-10-2012 at 11:46 PM (My Friend Screen)
    Today I have felt really quite well. My sister Linda, who has Downs Syndrome, came over for her lunch and we went shopping in the afternoon. I have had little or no breathlessness today. The only thing I have experienced is cramp in my hands which lasted about half an hour. Because I have taken the chemotherapy element of the treatment, I have now got the rash back on my face. Seeing as I was so pale the other day, I prefer the rash as it is just like a rosy glow. I wouldn't be sorry if it ...
  3. Time to review the watch situation

    Had a bit of a chat with hubby today - I am glad we can talk these things through like we do.

    He mentioned that he was finding it more and more difficult to tell the time using a standard clock/watch face.

    I have to admit, that I had suspected this for a few weeks as there have been sporadic incidents where he has got himself ready for appointments etc several hours before he needed to do so - then looked at me mystified as to why I wasn't ready too

  4. Day 1, Cycle 3

    by , 28-10-2012 at 12:26 AM (My Friend Screen)
    Well this morning I started the next cycle of treatment so I had 30 tablets to take and an injection. Got used to it now. I always wait to see how I am going to be affected because I always remember what all the medics told me and the leaflets and up to now it has been nothing like described - thank goodness. It doesn't mean the treatment isn't working because the figures show that it is working very well- another 'thank goodness'.

    Decided to shake off the lethargy and go food ...
  5. Another small change...

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    Hubby had a 'mini-moment' this morning, showing a small change in how he interprets things.

    We went shopping quite early in the day. It is something I used to do alone, but hubby wants to come and help these days. He likes to be useful wherever he can and I think that's lovely - though it does mean it takes longer!

    Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that hubby has shown some degree of confusion at the checkout. If I ask him to put the fruit and veg in the green canvas