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  1. end of life DNR

    well yesterday was the day we met dads GP to discuss end of life plans

    I had been dreading it, It almost feels like we are wishing his life away, but I get why it needs to be done

    So decisions taken: no to the hospital visit for laser eye surgery
    : no to further investigations as to why he has the runs intermittently
    : no to further investigations for the mini strokes he has been having, there is ...
  2. How do i know ????

    My nan is 93 and been in good health with a bad memory last few years, she had a fall last year and has gone down hill fast .
    Dr arranged MMSE test she scored 29/30 just old age they say .....
    memory worse she now overdosing every day cant remember what you said 5 mins ago, i have been looking after her while my mum takes a well deserved break and its driving me into the ground already ..... be very proud you carers out there x
    she has lost appetite only wants to know about ...
  3. end of life plan

    Its the start of another week & one I am not looking forward to

    saw dad yesterday & he was so pleased to see us & for once for a short while he seemed so lucid
    The trouble was he asked how long he must stay in the home?
    I don't have the heart to say I am sorry but this is your home now. All the old feelings of guilt came back to haunt me again!

    I have to keep reminding myself of all the visits we have where he is not lucid, the falls, the ...
  4. The sad demise of the traditional bank manager

    I've been thinking more about Attorney's thread "Santander & the hopelessness of dealing with them re: LPOA's. On this thread I wrote:

    "All the banks are the same nowadays it would seem as they no longer have traditional bank managers who are very experienced and make it their business to know everything about the world and the local economy."

    Whilst chatting with my Mum about this she mentioned to me that their bank manager sent her a letter of condolence ...
  5. Parachute jump & other stuff

    well I did it I don't know how but I did
    think I was on auto pilot or drugged up but I skydived from 15000 feet thank goodness I had a great tandem buddy

    first time I have been on a plane with no duty free, cuppa or even the obligatory woman giving us the speal about where the exits are etc

    Mind you there was a blooming big door we jumped from

    so I have raised a 1000

    dad is no better & it turns out he is now having frequent ...
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