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  1. Daily doings thoughts etc

    A short while ago I ordered and old pair of binoculars from a well known auction site I got them for about 4, they were so I could watch the birdies and their antics in the garden

    They didnt arrive , am getting that sorted

    what I have received recently and didnt order was a digital camera At first I thought it was sent by mistake instead of the binoculars but no, their was no receipt just a name on the packing paper that I did not recognise
    Ive trawled through ...

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  2. Hungry constantly

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    Hi, I have not posted for months but have been dipping in and out After first becoming a member here sometime at the end of last year I found it very difficult dealing with the diagnosis and reading about what maybe to come in the future so stayed away
    My question today is " does anyone have problems with their partner,relative being hungry all the time I have to watch J whenever food is in sight. " J is a type 2 diabetic and taking Aricept 5mgs would these factors have anything
  3. All sorted

    Had a nice letter from tax people last week
    they agreed with me that I shouldn't have paid any tax last yr stating I would receive a check soon
    it was in the next letter I opened
    I feel a little treat coming on
  4. How long?

    There's a tiny glimmer of hope.

    Although the situation remains the same, no support is avilable because John has too much money yet is too ill to access it, the nurse in the community mental health team has offered to come and bathe John while Kate and I wash his clothes. This is not part of her job but she realises that allowing John to continue being unwashed, unkempt and smelly is simply not tenable.
    This, however, is likely to be a one off.

    Kate and I went ...
  5. what I remember when Death knocked...

    I was in this space five years ago - I remember the same feelings, and yet it is different. My mom is my best friend in the world, and she has been slipping away for the past years, since my dad passed on.

    Standing next to her bed, checking her pulse, her colour... the warmth of her skin and knowing she does not eat any more, and takes very little fluids, I remember abouth death. And what I hold onto is the knowledge that the spirit soars as the body collapses. I remind myself that ...
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