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  1. Husband's referral to memory clinic, advice please.

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    My husband can go for several days at a time exhibiting little memory difficulty at all, but there are others when he also seems to have trouble finding the names of things, for example on the weekend in the space of an hour secateurs were "scissors" "shears" and ""cutters" whilst a "branch" was a bush. He can also seems to have trouble sometimes making connections / drawing conclusions and switching modalities in conversations. I used to work with people
  2. This and that

    Life goes on. Still singing in my choir. Lots of walks with the U3A. We are having more holidays - Venice with Tony next.
    I have an annual driving assessment so I can still drive. But I only go on routes I know well.
    Would love to hear from others like me who are living with Alzheimers like me

    Carrie (and partner T0ny) who keeps me on the straight and narrow.
  3. Vascular dementia depression .

    [QUOTE=TedHutchinson;468844]There are also micro-nutrient deficiencies linked to vascular problems and also associated with depression.

    It may be helpful if your mother also asks to have 25(OH)D (vitamin d3) levels checked [url=]vitamin d might reduce some vascular risk factors and, consequently, risk of dementia [/url] a 25(OH)D of above 40ng/ml or 100nmol/l is the minimum required to meet daily needs and restore insulin sensitivity ...
  4. Dear CQC - a wake-up call?

    by on 02-06-2011 at 06:05 PM (Dear Care Quality Commission)
    Itís a very long time since I added anything to this blog Ė but only because I couldnít be blogged to do so. Iíve never been a fan of yours, as you know, and I know itís never been seen as Ďacceptableí to criticise you on this forum, but I do now think a lot of people are beginning to understand what I was blogging on about. Eyes have been opened, but in a rather unacceptable way.

    When I watched the Panorama programme on TV the other night, I was deeply upset by it, as were many ...
  5. guns & rabbit shooting

    So the nursing home is over run with rabbits!
    dad has taken to shooting them with his rifle,,,,,,which doubles up as a walking stick or is it the other way round?

    the last one was a fishing rod but that got damaged when wrestling it from another resident

    Any how he is offering rabbits up to the highest bidder & mum apparently will skin them & make rabbit stew

    just a few flaws to this , we cannot see the rabbits & mum is no longer with ...