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  1. Small incidents of confusion

    Today, hubby was due to have an ultra sound appointment at the local hospital and I think it was the fact that he knew he was 'off to hospital' which made him start his day in a slightly confused way.

    The first indicator was when he came downstairs after taking a shower and told me: "I had trouble negotiating the shower."

    The alarm bells started ringing - I am fully expecting the day to come when he cannot get in or out of the shower unaided but hubby has ...
  2. Day 11, Cycle 2

    by , 10-10-2012 at 12:10 AM (My Friend Screen)
    This morning I had very severe diarrhoea with stomach ache. It went off at about 3pm. The rash is still on my legs but the redness is reducing. I wish I'd taken a photograph of the rash so that I can show it to the hospital when I next go. I also had cramps in my fingers on the left hand tonight. I have noticed that I smell strange - like chemicals. It is very unpleasant. Martin assures me he can't smell it but I know I can.

    At the same time as experiencing the above, I ...
  3. a hard day

    today i had to get the estate agent to come to value our wonderful home a place where we planed to live out our lives but now my darling man had dementia and our lives are changing he hides keys and money and thinks i want to steal his belongings he has to stop driving we live out in the country and i do not drive he says such awful things about me to our childeren they tell him thats not true but he seems to belive i am a cross betwix the theif of bagdad and myra hindley
    i have loved this ...
  4. Day 10, Cycle 2

    by , 09-10-2012 at 10:15 AM (My Friend Screen)
    I woke feeling ok but a little tired. I decided to make it a restful day again so I sat and cross stitched and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I had stomach ache a lot of time throughout the morning and needed the loo often. I was glad I was at home. I noticed that the rash on my lower legs was even more red and decided that if it didn't go within a couple more days I would see the GP about it.

    I have accepted an offer on the other house. It is a good offer and so fingers ...
  5. My Dad, no longer the Hero he ones was but a Dying Memmory.

    I am angry for not being able to save him, for be helpless and having no control. All I can do is wait and watch as he dies slowly. I have helped him live for 20 yrs with cancer, not one that we have won but not lost either. We won by him living this long, and now for the past 6 yrs alzhmeire's. what helps one illness does not help the other. I am an only child(daughter), he would give me a band aid to fix my cut's what do I give him! I try to make him laugh, I don't show him the sadness and ...