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  1. Wants me with her all the time

    by on Today at 12:56 PM (Even more depressed)
    I am my wife's carer she is in the early stages of Alzheimer's
    I have taken up crown green bowling and I love it. Unfortunately my wife sulks when I go playing as she wants me to be with her. The sulking usually means going to bed.
    I still go as I have to have a break it would be nice if she came with me but she says it is boring
    Does anybody else have this problem
  2. Making a Difference

    I have just received my follow up phone call from a lovely lady called Wendy who volunteers at the Alzheimer's Society office in Huddersfield. She called to confirm if I am available to Marshall at the local Memory Walk on the 20th of September. My answer, was of course yes!

    I am really excited to also be Marshalling at the Leeds Memory Walk this Saturday where a staggering 2500 people are set to take part in the event.

    I am very lucky to be in a position where I ...
  3. Late Stage Alzheimers - Any thoughts

    My mother is 81 yo and was diagnosed with Alzheimers late last year following several years of covering it up!

    The past month she seems to have taken a massive decline:

    About 4 weeks ago she was found in the kitchen having fallen over. She had a large bump and bruise on her head. I called the paramedics who assessed her but stated that hospital waiting times were really bad, and best to see if she's ok later.

    Since then she has fallen several times ...
  4. Went to the Memory Clinic

    Quote Originally Posted by LynneMcV View Post
    Well, the Memory Clinic appointment was fine today - and the new consultant / expert turned out to be a very nice chap.

    He took his time as he chatted to my husband and made him feel quite at ease. He also included me in the conversation so that he could get more feedback than hubby was able to remember.

    He even asked me how I was coping and if I was getting enough support! I was gobsmacked. I'd never been asked that one before. I said all was well - but it definitely
  5. Early Dementia and request to be power of attorney?

    Quote Originally Posted by mrjelly View Post
    Our GP refused to get involved, as he thought it was a job for a solicitor.
    Is this the usual case that the doctor does not want to get involved with being a second certificate holder for an LPA application?
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