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  1. Felt out of place

    Today was the first group that mum and I have attended. Had so much pinned on this. Mum meeting people going through similar things to her and me to meet other families and find out what they have done to help support their loved ones.

    It was awful. Mum was by far the worst person in the room. Most people seemed to know each other and I seemed to be the only one who works and has to rely on carers attending to mum. I felt the worst daughter in the world and both mum and I came out ...
  2. I know my husband's needs better than others

    We've just got home from our new Memory Cafe and once again my husband is absolutely thrilled with his day out and the people he has rapidly made friends with there.

    In fact, since our first visit last Tuesday not a day has gone by when he hasn't mentioned how much he is looking forward to the next time

    This is so obviously the right move for him since it was agreed last week that it was time to move on from the group he used to attend fortnightly - aimed at those ...
  3. Night time wandering

    I think we have reached the night time wandering stage.

    It's happened two nights in a row now. On Saturday night I put it down to the fact that the neighbours were having a party outside in marquees until 3am.

    It was that loud that they might as well have been in the house! I wasn't surprised when hubby started wandering out of the bedroom, unsure of where he was or what was happening.

    Then last night he was up and out of bed again at 2am. I thought ...

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  4. Family dynamics

    Quote Originally Posted by LynneMcV View Post
    It's been a relatively peaceful day today but not completely without incident

    My husband did very well generally. We managed the supermarket shopping without any confusion at the checkout and loaded up the car before stopping off on the way home to fetch the papers.

    Once back in the warm my husband was content to read the papers and watch sport on the telly while I got on and did the normal Saturday bits and pieces.

    All very relaxed and enjoyable. Then
  5. It's 3am in the morning.

    My mobile rings and all I know is its the middle of the night. In a very sleepy voice I answer the phone. It's mum all bright and alert, "hello love it's mum, what time is it" bleary eyed I look at my phone and in the still half asleep state I reply "it's 3am in the morning", mums reply "okay, well when you go shopping can you get me some bread and milk, and get me some money" "yes mum I will". I wondered for a while if she expected me to do it straight away ...
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