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  1. pee

    Oh god now i have caught him using the kitchen washing up bowl to pee in!
    he then emptied it in the sink.
    Pee over the floor and all over the sides of the sink.
    No wonder I've had stomach problems, how many other times has he done it and i've then prepared food on it!.
    its like having a badly behaved animal, its horrid. you never know what he's going to be up to next.

    he's now in the down stairs loo vandalising it by continually trying to flush it.
  2. socks

    Last week it was flushing his pants down the loo. Removed pants.
    This week its flushing his socks down the loo :/
    lord how can i stop him?
    I woke at half 6 today to yelling, normally i ignore it. This time it was different and longer. So shot down stairs to find he had fallen in the living room . He had banged his head on the soft recliner chair, it must have broken his fall.
    He was fine he always falls floppy so docent hurt himself. He has a head made of steel, many ...
  3. End April & still an April Fool

    Glad to see the end of April AND good job I don't have dementia or things might be confusing, oh no, I do and they are!
    The weekend just went. Where it went who knows. What it was like, again who knows but not me and Monday went exactly the same way. Up in the puff of smoke that had menacingly followed me around since Friday. The only thought and feeling about the weekend that really stuck with me ...
  4. Slower pace today!

    I think we may have overdone things yesterday - by the afternoon my husband was beginning to get anxious - he was convinced that I was about to go blind and he didn't know what to do to stop it. I tried reassurance and distraction but in the end he was on the verge of tears with worry so I gave him promethazine to help settle him down.

    He slept a little and seemed calmer when he awoke but as bedtime neared his fears for my eyesight returned. I tried to distract him by helping him ...

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  5. Where there`s life.......there`s mum

    Not been on for a while. Mum been in hospital assessment unit for 7 months after being sectioned due to behavioural problems. Prior to this she lived at home with carers going in 4 times a day and me going over 3 times a day. Unfortunately she started wandering outside looking for me all the time. Shouting for me and became verbally aggressive and volatile. I thought it couldn't get any worse when she was sectioned how wrong can we be. When mum was admitted she knew me but not really anyone ...
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