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  1. I wish hubby could forget that he's forgotten his afternoon

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    It's been a bit of a strange day today.

    Everything started off fine. I helped hubby through his usual shower, shave, getting dressed and breakfast routine and he was happy and relaxed.

    As normal, I set up my laptop to work from home. It was drizzly out, so I found hubby something sporty to watch on tv. It held his attention for about 30 mins but then he was pacing and agitated, constantly staring out at the rain and annoyed that he couldn't go outside and do the gardening
  2. Nhs

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    This is just a moan, not a criticism of the NHS. It's just life really.

    Since mum moved near me in May, I've been trying to get her healthcare needs met. On the positive side, it has been easier to do that here than when she was living in Sussex, where she her GPs found it easier to treat mum as a difficult patient than pay attention to her complex needs.

    But, that said, accessing the care mum needs is still an uphill struggle.

    For her double incontinence,
  3. Travelling

    I'm travelling today. I live and work in Rotherham but visit a speech therapy group in Dewsbury once a month.

    Since I'm no longer allowed to drive I have to travel by train. My journey from Rotherham is 3 trains and returning is a taxi and 1 train.

    I've booked assistance at each station (I use a powerchair so need a ramp to get on and off each train).

    I just hope I manage to find the right platforms at the right times for my connections. It always makes ...
  4. Relaxing day (mostly)

    More ups and downs today but on the whole a good day.

    First I dropped my husband off at his new day centre, he was really looking forward to it after last week's first day taster session and he quickly settled down with other attendees, cup of tea in hand and smiling

    Unlike last week I didn't have to work today, so headed off to the supermarket for the weekly shop (a day earlier than usual but it means that tomorrow the only thing I need to concentrate on is getting ...
  5. Speech notes

    Thanks for taking a look. Sorry but just to warn it will take me about 15 minutes to deliver this speech so it may well take a good 10 minutes of your time to read it but I really do appreciate your time and any, and I mean any, input you can give me.

    Don't panic, there are no mad graphics in this one.


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    General Thoughts
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