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  1. so tired

    Got new pills for dad, he's sleeping a lot but still up at 4am and fell, it takes 1/2 hr to get him back into bed.
    My concern now is his number twos not sure he's doing any. number ones seem a bit short for the amount he's drinking. i am using more pants but even so its a bit disconcerting.
    got to look through the mound of help papers to see if i can find an organisation that could help me with him, i don't have the energy.
    I did manage to get the wheel chair, tri walker and ...
  2. There

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Owen View Post
    when I go to bed you,re not there
    when I wake up in the morning you,re not there
    when I come from work you,re not there
    I look in all the rooms you,re not threre

    When I search in my mind you,re there
    I see you there as you once was
    I see you look so beautiful with a smile
    you are there when I dream of you
    you are there to hold and to cwtch
    But when I wake up from my dream you ,re not there.
    BiLL Owen
  3. Has returned to normal

    Today dad is back to his irritating normalness. its like a switch has been flipped, he's walking normal he's refused to have a bath he's refused help to go to loo and he has not fallen. he was ok this morning now he's a nasty bad tempered git.
    from hurrah this is the ending, its **** another 3 years of mental torture . funny you finally see a light at the end of the tunnel only to find out its a pool of wee reflecting light, God must be laughing his socks off.

    i can't think ...
  4. Dramatic change

    After the disaster of respite, my father has continued to deteriate at a rapid pace.
    I now have to dress undress him, regular falls, so weak he shuffles very unsteady and you have to hold and guide him. Had him checked for uti but he's clear.
    I'm now in a fix as to what to do next as he now cannot be left along and doesn't have the strength to come on trips out.
  5. New home

    As the blog area of the website is to be removed soon I am now posting my updates and general ramblings in the Tea Room area of the website instead.

    I have a thread there which I started earlier in the year entitled 'This is my husband'. It seemed the most logical place to continue.

    Hope to see you on the other side!
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