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  1. Dentists, fights and unexploded devices!

    Well it has been another interesting week in the McV house!

    Last Friday a small piece of tooth chipped away from one of my husband's molars. He adamantly refuses to have anything to do with dentists so for now, unless there is any pain involved, I am not going to press the issue, though I have been emailing around a few local dentists to find someone with spaces - and an understanding of dementia - just in case!

    All's been fine toothwise, though I noticed hubby was ...

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  2. dostbury2

    Hi everyone on the forum. I find it astonishing that some people have lost their homes due the cost of care homes. Myself and my partner own a home and I would like to know how this situation can be avoided. My partner has been diagnosed with Alzhiemers recently, but there has been a problem for three to four years.
  3. Court of protection

    Quote Originally Posted by tryingmybest View Post
    I am unsure in the case of the application being posted but if sent by email then yes you do get an acknowledgement. If you do send by email do remember to print any page out that requires a signature to then sign it and scan it back in, in order to email your signature or they wont accept it. Good luck. Xx
    Hello tryingmybest

    I know we have been communicating on my recent post about this subject, but I note that you also commented this earlier post.

    What ...
  4. GPS trouble

    I think the time has come to look for a better GPS device.

    It's been 5 or 6 weeks now since I purchased a GPS for my husband in anticipation that the time was drawing near for him to need one and wanting to have something already in place for that time.

    I have to say that, despite investing in one that I'd read was being used by a police force in their area, I have been left quite disappointed with the purchase.

    1. The first device sent did not work at ...
  5. Mater's Dementia

    So mater, she hardly walks, sore legs etc etc, takes paracetimal at night told her GP who started to prescribe.

    Took mater to Tescos and half way round she couldn't walk anymore. Nice customer service helped her to a seat, got her shopping.

    Noticed that her bed had not been changed for a while so change, then noticed that last bedding never taken to cleaners by day carers, so I took to cleaners. Changed her duvet and made sure that duvet and bedding and towels all taken ...
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