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  1. Fighting Spirit

    Quote Originally Posted by Grey Lad View Post
    Maureen woke up this morning in tears saying: I am fed up of being ill - I want to get better.' What a woman: not prepared to give up and always looking for ways to get better. This gave me a lovely opportunity to say we needed to take each day as it comes and try to find things that we both enjoy. I don't think it gets any better than this.

    Then the phone rang with news that the carer was ill so I handed Maureen the phone and she said she wanted to be by herself while I went
  2. Love Lies

    Iím not saying youíve changed
    Not from me will they hear
    How different you are
    They who tell of your past

    Iíll not mention the mess
    You know when,
    against all odds,
    You do your best

    They wonít get me to say
    Youíve forgotten my name
    For whatís in a name
    Iím still the same

    Iíll not tell them the truth
    Iíll just feed them some lies
    All around love
    Then they wonít hear ...
  3. Learning From Each Other

    Quote Originally Posted by Grey Lad View Post
    Maureen used to have a very sensible mantra of: 'everything has its place and everything in its place.' Almost a creed that she had lived by for years and a very practical way of running a home. In our early years together I often drove her to distraction with my ability to leave stuff all over the place: attracted like metal to a magnet she would often stumble over my mess without sustaining serious injuries.

    Gradually in the years that we have been together I have seen the logic
  4. Looking For Friends.

    Hi everyone id like to talk to anyone who has vascular dementia or lewy body dementia as iv never spoke to anyone .
    Im Sharon and im 56 years old . I was diagnosed with vascular dementia and lewy body dementia about 1 and half maybe 2 years ago. It affects my speech and balance mostly. I do have times when I forget who people are and times when I go back in time. I have a large family. Some understand more then others.

    Id love to hear from anyone.

    Sharon ...
  5. A New Care Home Placement

    by on 18-05-2015 at 06:19 PM (Caring for Mom- Taking it day by day)
    Mom has been paying privately for her care home since she moved in 9 months ago. We weren't willing to wait for a publicly funded bed because she needed the care right away. The way things work here, people are offered placement based on location and urgency of the need. You never know when the offer of a funded bed is going to come up.
    Last Friday, we got the call. A local care home had a funded placement for her. We were asked if we wanted to come and view it, so Jon and I jumped in the ...
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