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  1. things that go bump in the day 40

    Hi folks. Been pushing hard on far too many fronts just lately and seem to be really paying the price. Have managed to get another week done (and written about) and survived it, somehow?

    Glad I got this post done so I can get the next load of stuff out of my head and can try to make some sense posting in threads.

    See ya soon and thanks for the much needed magic help last weekend peeps. XXX


  2. Taking over an alzheimer sufferers home

    Hello all

    I am concerned relatives have moved into the home of my grandfather under the guise of appearing to care for him, whilst isolating him from the rest of his family.

    The relatives still have their family home and a male relative still lives there permanently (as far as we know). I have heard if someone "gives up" their home to care for their father etc that if that carer is over 60, the carer can take over the ownership of the sufferers home once ...
  3. A mixed bag!

    It's been a mixed old bag of experiences over the past few days.

    Last Wednesday I felt particularly useless because I ended up giving hubby a promethazine when he started to become agitated and wouldn't be dissuaded from the idea that the house had been broken into, and his 'machine' and money had been stolen.

    It all came out of the blue, the day had started well, other than a slight restlessness, which had calmed once I put his favourite music CD on to listen to while ...
  4. The Fight That Isn't

    Oops - realised I had done it wrong with my previous post.

    Back in March of this year (2016) my driving licence was revoked by the DVLA. An appeal by me against this decision failed to overturn it.

    This immediately prompted questions and comments from various people – work colleagues, family and friends – which I fended off with vague replies. While vague these replies were also accurate. My eyesight and cognitive abilities aren’t really up to the task of driving ...
  5. things that go bump in the day 39

    Here we are at blog 39 and still i find lots of stuff to 'ramble' on about.

    Even rambling, both physical & mental has been difficult for the last week so I am rather glad that this writing had been done and passed to Dave for final edit. The next one could be a while as making sense of my notes has been a battle so Dave may have difficulties with my accounts of recent adventures. The notes I am trying to keep about now, yesterday, today, tomorrow etc are a right mess and i am ...
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