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  1. Not quite the same ol' blog

    April 28th, 2016

    This is a special about Blogging and Speaking, prompted by comments, very kind ones, left for me after various other blog posts but mostly as a direct reply to those left last time.

    The usual blog about my trials and tribulations and the adventures in CST land will continue shortly. Ha ha! Me and shortly just do not go together as I seem to now believe 'why say 1 word when a paragraph will do nicely?'
    Anyway as Ronnie Corbett would say 'but
  2. Husband home again :)

    Quote Originally Posted by LynneMcV View Post
    My husband is home again!

    It wasn't entirely without incident (I've long since stopped expecting anything to go smoothly) - but after waiting 2hrs for the right medication to be sorted out (having missed out something vital from their first attempt) and then waiting for the right amount (should have been two weeks' worth but ended up with 6 days and then 8 days before I reached the point of no return and packed up hubby and left) - everything then fell into place.
  3. Clinical Trial

    by , 28-04-2016 at 10:38 AM (Even more depressed)
    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmpr View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mal2 View Post
    Just wondering if anyone has any connection with someone on the Liraglutide trials.

    If they have any info on how they are doing, positive or negative observations .
    Hi Mal2
    My wife has just finished 12 months on the ELAD (Liraglutide) clinical trial
    I injected her every morning with either a placebo or the drug.
    She had two brain scans at the start and at the end of the trial, the scans showed there was a worsening in her condition of which I
  4. Last few weeks

    Been very depressing 2 weeks just want to stay in bed but get up cause my oldest son says that that is me giving in I have to fight the fog speech is slurred and face is numb that is enough complaining .this group gives me great strength I read everyone posts find myself looking forward to the updates .
    On a plus we took our motor home out for the first time last weekend younger son was racing at autograss and my partner is the chairman of our local group so spent weekend at track they all ...
  5. Flushing Ypants down loo

    for two weeks his pants went missing. first i though may be they are hidden i forgot, by second week i did a thorough search of the house, nothing.
    first time it happened i had my suspicions he had flushed them.
    third time i gave him bath so had bran new pants, saturday morning i peared through door saw him on loo pants on. Half hour later took another look , shaking his willy on the floor and i flicked up his shirt no pants! rush to loo before he could flush it and yes they were ...