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  1. Time to jump before being pushed!

    I am glad to say that the newly installed grab rails in the loo are paying off.

    However, my husband has been showing a lot of confusion and lack of confidence around the loo situation since the issue flagged up by the day centre last week.

    It is becoming clear that, although he knows when he needs to go to the loo (and is fine when it comes to emptying his bladder) dealing with bowel movement and cleaning himself up afterwards, is something of a hurdle now.
  2. Repetition

    The last few days have been really stressful due to my wife continually saying "We are allright aren't we" and no matter what I say she just keeps on and on and it is like torture! I wonder How Long this stage goes on?

  3. Update

    Just a bit of an update on how things are going.

    Yesterday was day centre day for my husband. He was in good spirits and looking forward to it

    Around 1 15pm the day centre phoned to say he had been a bit agitated, restless, walking around and confused. They also added that he'd needed help going to the toilet (this is the first time he has actually used the toilet there since he started attending last September because he has very good bowel and bladder control). ...
  4. Dressing becoming an issue

    Dad can generally dress himself quite well, but recently its becoming more on an issue.
    This morning I saw him resplendent in trousers jumper and jacket. no shirt , but around his neck his tie hung very neat.
    It did look rather funny i have to admit. I found his shirt rolled up under trolley in the dinning room .
    No longer wares his pyjamas which makes getting hold of his pants very difficult. He often forgets there on and wee's through them.
    I have bought two new pairs ...