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  1. New home

    As the blog area of the website is to be removed soon I am now posting my updates and general ramblings in the Tea Room area of the website instead.

    I have a thread there which I started earlier in the year entitled 'This is my husband'. It seemed the most logical place to continue.

    Hope to see you on the other side!
  2. bad night shame about the blog

    by , 22-11-2016 at 10:47 AM (Queing for the rollercoaster.)
    She was up and down like a jackrabbit last night. Hope the cpn calls me today. Shame these blogs are closing as I don't always have a question for the forum. Bye folks
  3. End of blogging and respite was a disaster

    I'm very sad, today got the email saying they are shutting blogging on this sight. It was nice to be able to write securely about my problems. Seems to be my life I find something useful then it's stopped or discontinued .na big thank you to all those that commented or followed me that was nice. I hope you will all be free of this nightmare one day.

    So for my final blog.
    Dad has been in respite for two weeks ..... It was a disaster for me and him.
    I suffered badly from ...
  4. things the go bump in the day 52 - nearly a year

    October was long with some speeches, training, assessment stuff and a major tribunal about PIP, so, the blog took a long time to do, sorry. here at last it is.....

    only text version

    with pictures version

    enjoy, just as i did living it

    victory is ours

  5. stressed

    by , 20-11-2016 at 02:33 PM (Queing for the rollercoaster.)
    I feel really stressed. yesterday she had 4 carers visits plus 3 hours with me. The rest of the time she phoned me constantly and I mean hundreds of calls. She slept 4 hours last night which is an improvement but again constant calls. She's not distressed when she calls. She asks me who her carer is and what they do then puts down the phone then calls again asks me who her carer is and what they do then puts down the phone. She has a board to tell her everything that happens and a dementia clock. ...