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  1. Insane Anger with myself

    To day I'm going to explode.
    Its not dad

    I must still be close to the edge of insanity if such things make me react so badly.
    Its a trigger thats set off all the deep resentment , hatred, fear, disappointment, hideous self-pity and anger about my life. I just want to scream and scream and scream.
    Instead I'm just crying and crying as i write this, just to see if writing about it will help.

    Every time I think I'm getting the hang of life again, ...

    Updated 22-08-2016 at 02:31 PM by Ginnykk5

  2. Hospital to rehab, to....?

    I haven't written here in the blog about the roller coaster ride we've been on regarding Mom's rectal prolapse. As of today, she's a week out from surgery which seemed to go well. Monday 8/15, she was discharged from hospital to a very busy rehab facility. They are working with her on mobility (she's speedy with her walker, but has no sense of direction anymore) and things like toileting, dressing. She can toilet herself but snags on some steps of dressing and washing up after. She is distracted. ...
  3. things that go bump in the day 45

    Hi peeps. much nicer trip this time and a far nicer time in general. odd blips but that goes with the territory. am trying to keep up with threads on TP but it seems a bit quiet on the 'i have dementia' thread. maybe it is the weather and we are all sleeping.

    nice graphics version for nice month

    thanks all and keep smiling, I know I do!

  4. Conversations can be triggered so unexpectedly!

    Sometimes conversations can spring out of the most unexpected of situations.

    I was helping my husband get ready for the day this morning. Having done the loo, shower and shave routine I went to the bedroom to lay out clothing for the day.

    It was a warm day so I put out a t-shirt on the bed, along with underwear and trousers. I helped hubby dress and then we went downstairs for breakfast

    It was shortly after this that my husband became quite animated ...
  5. rocking along

    Wednesday and Thursday have been just days typical in our lives.
    It is clear I must watch my OH take his medicine now. it is not enough to remind him, or even open the pill box and place it on the table. I must insist that he takes it while I am watching. He hates to be told what to do and so it sets it down or says he will take it in a moment. The thing is I go off to do other things (the task oriented tyrant that I am) and then in the early afternoon I come to another task and discover ...