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  1. Damn Delusions!

    Mil had a dreadful day yesterday - I don't think there was a physical/medical issue to have caused it, no sign of a UTI and I am 99% certain that constipation wasn't the issue.

    Nevertheless, from early yesterday morning, till her bedtime last night, the poor woman was confused and tormented by delusion after delusion, and extreme confusion and upset.

    She was up pretty early, and came through the door into the dining room in tears.

    She had no clothes, ...

    Updated 16-04-2014 at 08:41 AM by Ann Mac

  2. Pursuing the discontinuation of Aricept

    No one at the ALF wanted to change her meds. A nurse there told me that her chart says Alzheimer's--odd, as no other record I've seen says this. They felt I should contact Mom's neuropsych about it.

    I did. Though we just saw this person, who at the time had no suggestions besides to join the clinical trial , he wanted us to come back in, so I moved up our next appt so we can discuss this.

    I have the feeling he is not going to agree. I've printed out several ...
  3. Today my husband started the early onset group

    Well, my husband was up, washed, shaved, dressed and ready by 8.30am - time for a cup of tea before the pick up at around 9.15am.

    Unfortunately the mini bus was running late. We received a phone call at 9.30am to confirm it was on its way - and by 10am it had pulled up.

    My husband managed the delay quite well. He had been a little fidgety before the phone call - but then was able to relax once it was confirmed that he had not been forgotten.

    *make a ...
  4. is it appropriate to lie to your mother to prevent agitation

    Hi, my mother has vascular dementia and is in a care home. I wrote a blog last week to aske for advise as the home she is in is asking us the family to lie to my mother about her home her belongings, her house and the fact that she is NOT retired from nursing but is a member of staff in the home .
    This is proving extremely difficult for us as our mother reads a daily paper, can easily converse, has memory with names of the family members, but when agitated and stressed has no memory at all. ...
  5. 12 year old and dementia

    Mostly, I can go along with Mils confabulations, but now and again, the 'stories' she produces catch us all on the hop, and I sometimes wonder about how my 12 year old copes, with this and other issues that having Nana with us raises.

    Last night there was a bit about the singer, Susan Boyle on the TV. We were all in the lounge, and were chatting about the program as we watched. The two daughters, aged 12 and 21, are keen musical theater fans, both performing through various organisations ...
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