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  1. Be prepared! This may get confusing ...

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    Greetings to All...Please! Forgive me the length of this post--

    I have had a troubling experience today that I need to share and I think this is the best forum to air it out in. First let me say that I have a POA for my finances and health care and she is a good friend, however she lives 30 miles away from me.

    Two months ago my computer was hacked. To make a very long story short, they didn't do any damage except scare me to death and compound my difficulties with
  2. Have not been posting regularly

    I have been very busy with my German course and not blogging regularly. All is fairly ok here at the moment. I always have a certain degree of anxiety in my life no matter how good it is going. My older sister in California, who was diagnosised with Huntington's Chorea in May has given up and quit eating she is only 67 and it is a big shock, but I completely understand her position. Unfortunately, I do not believe there is a medical directive in place so things could get ugly. I am so grateful to ...
  3. Something's a-brewing...

    I think something is a-brewing..

    We've enjoyed some very calm times in recent weeks. Hubby's confusion has definitely been worsening but all in all he has remained happy.

    The first sign that something was brewing was a few days ago (Friday) when, out of the blue, he got up and looked very scared. I was working at home and he came to check that I was ok. He had tears in his eyes and looked very shaken.

    I stopped working and went to sit with him and settle ...

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  4. Difficult time

    Been a bit grim this past week.
    Dads got a UTI so was quite nutty.
    Took him to drs got antibiotics, also asked for something to carm him down and sleep at night as he was up all night swearing and turning lights on and off.
    The pills only made it worse and he had another fall in just a few days, he gets so physically tired his knees are bent at 30 degrees but he won't sit down or go to bed. Its hard getting a 8 stone man off the floor who's floundering around like an upturned ...
  5. things that go bump in the day 47

    Having gone through a fair bit it created lots to write about, but, having lost so much by being ill, hospital, recovery, it is taking time to catch up again. I am getting there.

    here is the tesco story

    and this one just the text

    the audio files are about half done as well.

    the hospital week is nearly ready, just not sure i am ready to relive it lol.

    thanks peeps

    wayne xx