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  1. Anti-biotics finished - behaviour no better :(

    Mil finished the anti-biotics last night - 5 days worth, of a drug specific to the actual infection diagnosed - and there has been absolutely no improvement in her behaviour.

    The confusion remains at a heightened level, the delusions are are frequent (sometimes non-stop for a period of several hours) throughout the day, sundowning and paranoia are more intense and prolonged and the prn meds are seemingly less effective. In fact, after having the prn meds, she appears in some aspects ...
  2. Introduction

    This is my first blog post. Hopefully I should get to know you all. It will be nice to talk to fellow carers.

    Background - I, together, with my brother, are carers for our mum. Mum was diagnosed with vascular dementia just over a year ago. My brother and I work full time. We have carers that come in twice a day. Morning to get mum up, washed and breakfasted, etc. and at lunchtime.

    My brother and I have always lived at home. We have not come back to look after ...
  3. Dementia support in Cyprus

    Where to start? Never blogged in my life, so bear with me.

    My dad came to the UK in the fifties met my Mum and had me and my sister. When my Mum died in the eighties he went back to live in Cyprus and re-married.

    Throughout the years he visited England or we went to Cyprus. We had noticed that with each visit his memory was deteriorating and he would also comment that it was worrying him. I know that he did seek medical advice, had scans and is on medication however ...
  4. Alarm bells or tiredness?

    Lately my husband has been waking several times every night, needing to be reassured about where he is, where everybody is, and why it is dark. He gets up, shakes me, switches lights on and leaves them on, and I'm getting so increasingly tired! Family have been away a lot, and yesterday we saw our son for the first time in weeks, and he came on his own instead of with his family. And he's going to be away again for some time. Perhaps it's because I'm so tired, but today I feel so weepy about ...
  5. Guilt, relief and anger!

    Quote Originally Posted by Auntiep View Post
    Well, itís 3 weeks since Mum died, and the funeral has come and gone. She actually died from a bleed in the brain following a fall.

    Iím feeling so sad this morning, but I think itís because Iím feeling emotionally shut out by my husband. I am feeling angry with him, but Iím trying not to take it out on him because I know that heís rubbish at providing comfort. He has other strengths, which are all practical, like filling up mumís grave and making sure all the flowers are placed
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