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  1. A step back in time :)

    Today has been an exhausting but lovely day.

    There was a wonderful Great War Living Pageant organised by the local history society, with fantastic co-operation from local businesses. The High Street took a step back in time. We had a Lyons Corner House cafe with 'Nippy' waitresses, window displays showing goods from days gone by (each shop displaying information about what shop had been using that site in 1916), music hall songs, talks, walks, a pipe band, brass band, role playing ...
  2. Does he ever sleep?

    Two hours dads got dressed undressed, he has now decided it's morning. So he will open all the curtains , raid the biscuits and spend the rest of the night up. Let's hope he doesn't keep me up too. Worked late last night didn't get to bed till 1am at 5am I'm woken to shouting, he was putting his jumper on his legs again. Objected to me removing it. I then went back to bed for 2 hrs. When I got up at 9 he was back asleep in bed and stayed there till 10.30am. Cleaned toilets and kitchen before he ...
  3. Another positive day

    I am glad to say that we have had another positive day, which by far definitely outweigh any of the negative days we've ever encountered.

    Today we were back at the lovely memory cafe group at the library which meets once a month.

    The group is definitely going from strength to strength since its first meeting last September when just my husband and I and one other couple ventured along. It is a much bigger group today, numbering 15 folk and some lovely volunteer helpers. ...

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  4. Settling down again

    I am glad to say that my husband is showing signs of being able to settle back down at the Age UK day centre.

    I had been getting worried that I would need to find something else as he lost so much confidence when he was kept in a mental health secure unit for two months recently.

    There have been four Day Centre sessions for him to attend since coming back home. For the first two I found myself picking up an anxious looking husband rather than someone who had enjoyed ...
  5. things that go bump in the day 38

    Hi ya peeps everywhere.

    Here are links to new blog which gets me up to date excepting the days being created now.

    in this one I am asking for some helpful comments / assistance from those of you with lots of experience. If it is not forthcoming here I will have to ask hepl in the threads which is where i should really be asking anyway.



    thanks guys