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  1. Getting more difficult to work from home

    We've had a couple of days now when sudden (but thankfully short-lived ) paranoia has taken over my husband.

    Yesterday was particularly difficult because I was working from home and my husband became fretful about my work's laptop being on! Of course he also chose a moment when I was trying to get some urgent info together for my boss who was about to go into a meeting.

    I just about succeeded, but not before a second phone-call from the boss to chivvy me along to send ...
  2. things that go bump in the day 50

    hospital done with, well almost, still testing and did another frustrating visit in this post, but basically done.
    The blog is back to good stuff or at least real stuff........

    Having demolished the hospital, now it is Parliaments turn ha ha!

    Blog 50 here

  3. A little cheer from a difficult situation

    I applied for a Blue Badge and although my mother has dementia and has all old age health problems, you have to go to the Town hall to be assessed. So I took the zimmer frame to aid her journey. After the assessment the assessor asked mum to return to the car so he could see her walk using the Zimmer .I was shocked that she shot from the blocks like a greyhound and I was so pleased after a 100 meter sprint that's she was bent over and catching her breath. This justified my need for the badge!! ...
  4. A day of laughter

    As planned, I managed to get to the office for a few hours today while hubby was at the day centre, and we both benefited.

    It had been a bit hit and miss in the early hours of this morning as to whether or not we would achieve our goals because hubby tried getting up at 3am and 4am. It took a while to get him settled and I was dead on my feet. The result was that I overslept by 30mins and had to rush to get myself ready for work and hubby ready for the day centre.

    Somehow ...
  5. life goes on

    Another rather low day, after a series of really good ones.

    I swing between longing to be on my own (which I've always liked), and missing the coming and going of the grandchildren who've been staying here off and on. Now my son has sorted somewhere to live with them, I'm feeling a bit deserted and "poor me"-ish. You know the kind of thing..."they only come to see me when there's something they need..." and all that.
    It's up to me to arrange enjoyable stuff ...