Your comments on services from the NHS


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May 16, 2006
Your comments please.


Hi to everyone,
I have just signed up to this forum and would be grateful for your views on the types of services that you and your partner may need or currently recieving.

I am currently a local lead in reseaching and planning for mental health services for younger people, establishing new ideas to provide support, services and community links to both the individuals and their families.
These services I am interested in seeking your opinion are around activities and practical social interaction, as you know best of all as caring for anyone 24/7 can be completely challenging.
Also to have your views on the current services, assessments that you have recieved through the NHS would be of great interest as there seems to be different provision up and down the UK.

Your comments would be appreciated and valued.
Kind Regards



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May 16, 2006
Moved.... why?

Hi Nada,
I was suprised to find that my posting had been moved... Its not the comments from service providers I would like to reach, its those of that require services. Unfortunatly there are few forums that are as well established, that have frequent comments raised regarding management and suitable activities for this group hence my interest to gain the relatives perspective on what they felt their loved ones needs are.
It is only with the feedback from the relatives and the person who is living with Alzheimers that can facilitate additional services from the NHS. Those of us that highlight the need for specialist services within Primary and Secondary NHS facilities require the imput and value the comments from everyone within this group of individuals.
Could you advice me on how to reach those comments I am seeking to find if I am unable to post directly to young onset tread????

Thanks Wulie


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Its not the comments from service providers I would like to reach

... not the point really, and we have no ideas how many service providers use TP anyhow.

The point is that the other areas are for people who are hands-on caring, and/or closely attached to the people who have dementia, and who require contact with others in the same leaky boat.

I'm assuming you are not a dementia carer and as such, your post was primarily concerned with gathering knowledge - ie research - and thus the appropriate place for it is here. We do appreciate that this is a valuable activity!

Members of TP know this research section exists and they do use it to provide information. As husband of a younger person with dementia, I know well the complete dearth of facilites there were for my wife before she moved into full time care in 2001.

You might consider creating a poll to gain some numerical insight into areas that you believe might be of most concern to people. Check out


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Sep 16, 2004
Dear Wulie
My husband is 59 and in March he went into full time care.
I would like some where for him to be that is safe and actually caters for his needs the home he is in is specifically for people with challenging behaviour but they cannot cope with him and are talking of turning him out.
He is fit, young and wants things to do they don’t do anything with him because of his temper, which is worse because he has nothing to do.