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Whistling in the dark.


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Feb 1, 2012
“We’re all in the same boat” .“You’re in good company here”
Day after day I read these comments, but lately I think a better description of what we’re all doing is whistling in the dark.
Where it really matters we’re on our own dealing with matters of life and death.
I read of dementia champions and dementia friends but I’ve never met one.
I’m fed up to the back teeth hearing our politicians, of all persuasions, telling us how they’re rising to the dementia challenge. Bunkum! They talk of this initiative and that, but, as far as dementia is concerned, the Medical and Care machinery is not fit for purpose.
I know there is no cure, we get told often enough. But wouldn’t it be nice if, when despair rides rough-shod over you, there was someone you could rely on to sit with you through the small hours and steady you?


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Sep 27, 2006
You've hit the nail on the head Gringo. I suspect there are a lot of 'suits' in various public places who earn quite a good living from 'organising' 'gathering information' 'disseminating' etc. but who, at the end of the day. contribute absolutely nothing to the welfare of dementia in the long run.

Flashes in the pan get the publicity and talk is cheap.