(when will) We Meet Again ?


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Feb 8, 2019
I am wondering, like so many others, when we will get to see and cuddle our loved ones again, in their care home. What’s everyone’s thoughts? Have some had garden visits?

I understand the need to keep our loved ones safe, but today I’m feeling it. My shielding will end on 01/08/20 hopefully, and hopefully so will mums. I would love to take her for a nice meal and a glass of wine. One can dream.

Z x


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Jan 23, 2018
Hi Zara09. I was given an appointment to see my husband in his CH last for this afternoon. As it's the first time in the 2 years he's been there that I haven't seen him I was very nervous, especially as he's always insisted he doesn't need to be there and wants to come home with me!! I've been pschying myself up for the first thing he said to me as being " you've come to take me home then?" but no it was " you're not my wife" He has FTD which doesn't usually mean sufferers forget people, just their names. Anyway, I laughed and said I obviously looked too young and he laughed back and said of course it's you! I think he remembered my voice. I have been speaking to him on the phone regularly. As my hair has grown longer than he'd ever seen I thinkthat was the problem. We had a very nice hour in the garden socially distanced but on our own. I was asked not to hug or kiss him which was horrible but we stuck to it. The CH is organising the visits by allowing 1 visitor at a time. They timetable 2 each morning and 2 each afternoon so you are only allowed a certain time to stay. They then clean down ready for next visitor. I'm so glad to have been and was very reassured with everything there. I do hope you get a visit soon. Take care.


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Nov 1, 2016
I'm visiting my mum in her care home garden for the first time on Thursday - also very well planned by the home. We will be in a gazebo, me and my sister then mum with a Carer. I'm so excited yet anxious as well.