what to do?


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Aug 14, 2006
My mum has recently been diagnosed with dementia (we dont even know what type!). My dad is registered blind and so most of the care has devolved to me. My dad helps as much as he can but he's getting more and more depressed and frustrated as time goes by. A lot of the time everythings fine but when my mum has a bad day my dad goes off the deep end too because no-one has sat us down yet to tell us how to cope. just wondering if anyone out there can help. (have tried local society but they're not meeting again until end of September.)


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May 24, 2006
Very clearly your parents need the immediate help of Social Services ........your GP should have already contacted them but you can do this yourself they are usually contacted via your local council offices


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Mar 18, 2006
Hi Caliban

Nada is pointing you in all the right directions.

Your local Social Services will also let you know what is available in your area. And, of course you've got us lot for moral support and a good old moan and a good laugh when you need one.


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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hi Caliban

Welcome to TP.

How much help have you / your dad had from RNIB? Perhaps approaching the situation with the focus on your dad and his welfare might throw up alternative sources of support .....????

In the meantime, hope you find TP the same source of strength, support and information that I have over these last few bewildering months .... it is a Godsend!!!!

Look forward to hearing how you all are getting on - we're 'right behind you'!!!

Love, Karen (TF), x