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What I miss the most


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Jun 22, 2005
Hi all,
I was just thinking what I miss and top of the list is taking my dog, my camera and a packed lunch and heading off to the hills for a day's rambling. Now I only ramble on here! :D
What do you miss that you used to do just for yourself and can't do now?


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Chrissie

good idea for a thread.

Only problem for me is that, Jan and I were so close we never did anything where our other half was not there.

So all the things I miss about my past life were joint things. I miss walking empty tropical beaches with her, at sunset, both singing out the notes of Elgar's "Nimrod".

I make up for that in joining you rambling on here, and in building new experiences and a new life in a new context - while still ensuring Jan gets her share of my time, even if she doesn't know it is me there with her.


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Chrissie, could ramble on here for hours..............but I think mostly I miss being just 'me'/.......selfish to the last.

Good thread though, I bet you will get some surprising replies. Regards, Connie


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May 5, 2005
south wales
What I miss most is the surprise Friday afternoon phone call to the office from my hubbie David, to say: Don't be late home, your suitcase is packed and I have booked a hotel in Yorkshire for a naughty weekend! How I miss that phone call, and I am sitting here with big tears in my eyes. How we did enjoy those weekends.

Love Katie


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Sep 14, 2004
What I miss most.....hard one, all I can think of at the moment is being able to go away for a weekend and not feel guilty or worrying about how Mum and Dad are.

But I also think that Mum and I miss our old Golden Retriever, Honey, big slobbering greedy thing she was too (the dog not mum silly)



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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Hi Chrissie
Peg and I did not do much without each other.
I miss the coach holidays ,the thrill of going to Dover over on the ferry and seeing new places.
I miss the social functions,seeing Peg in a long dress and dancing the evening away.
Gardening together,buying plants etc etc.I could go on and on.
I miss just about every thing about her and I feel very lonely at times.
I v'e had my ramble now


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Oct 17, 2003
I miss a coffee and a cake in our little cafe by the traffic lights after getting Mum's pension and helping her spend some of it in our favorite clothes shop on Mondays.



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Dec 27, 2004
HI ,2 yr ago i woild have said ,the carefree holidays when Jim and i would scramble over the rocky beaches in an ungainly manner in sted of leading him around like a blind person.1 yr on it would be laughing hilariously over something very silly or asking an opinion and getting a sensible answer ,now it is in the early evening when he would become very unsettled ,and i would bring him out of his recliner andsit beside him on the sofa i use to stroke his arm ,and he would relaxe into my shoulder with a sigh of relief,for an hour ,Most of all ,i miss him then saying ,I REALLY LOVE YOU ,he said this up to the end ,when he could say very little ,now i really JUST MISS HIM ,angela


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Jun 22, 2005
Wow, what lovely replies, I've found it really moving to read them and I think it's beautiful that you included what you've missed doing most with your loved ones too.
What great memories you have to look back on in quiet moments.

We went out (Bob & me) today for a lovely pub lunch by the canal, he really enjoyed it and it was almost like old times.


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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex
I miss being someone's daughter.
I miss dad complaining the music was too loud.
When I the say "love you lots" to mum, I miss her saying "I love you too,dear"

Nutty Nan

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Nov 2, 2003
The list is endless ....

I miss the planning and plotting and shared dreams, I miss the conversations, sometimes serious, sometimes silly and giggly, I miss a quiet evening together with a bottle of wine (without worrying what the next five minutes hold in store ....), I miss the reaction to special songs or daft private jokes - but I am so glad we didn't waste our 30 years together: it is a lot more than many people have!


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
I missed then when she was ill, and I miss now she is gone forever, the funny, special, loving things we shared. The way I could ALWAYS know she was on my side. Like Angela says, the thing I miss most is HER. Love She. XX


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Nov 7, 2004
Sunday roasts, being moaned at for not doing the dishes, moaned at for my room being untidy. Taking Mum for the daily shop.

Being told to get three slices of Ham from the butchers "Tell him to cut it a bit thicker" mum used to say.

Arguing with Dad about the car and borrowing too much money "Not more money for petrol" Dad shaking my hand when I passed my driving test first time, handing me the keys and me being scared stiff going out on my own for the first time in the car.

Days out to Lytham and Blackpool going on the little funfair at Clevelys and the cars that ran in the track when I was 7 or 8yo. Fascinated by the trams at Blackpool (still am)

Coming home from high school aged 11 to find out... "We've got a colour Telly" and sitting watching it all night spellbound by the colour picture.

Normal days with Mum getting tea ready for 5pm when dad came home from work.

Going out with dad in the works delivery van, all over Liverpool in the summer holidays.

Having to jump onto my bed as the floor had that much stuff on it and it was so untidy I couldn't get close to it.

Mum being able to do any maths problem dead quick in her head - she was brilliant at maths.

NORMAL DAYS! Why can't life be like that anymore?
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Nov 30, 2003
What I miss most is going out with my husband without thinking how will he cope with the noise? Will he say things that upset people? Will he want to go home just as I'm beginning to enjoy myself?I suppose what I miss most is normal life with the husband that used to be my best friend but now can't be emotional.
What I miss is enjoyment with him.


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Jul 15, 2005
I miss calling my Mom up for a recipe, going to her for her advice on any problem and it being good advice. I miss being parented and knowing that with her was always a soft place to fall.


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Jun 2, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
I miss my mom's letters. We were never a family big on using the telephone. Since I went away to college, my parents and I visited about every 1 to 2 months (more often now that they need more help, and more frequents but shorter visits are better), and my mom and I wrote to each other once a week.

She wrote good conversational letters, usually on her computer, 1 or 2 pages of typing.

The last letter I got from her is postmarked December 2003. It is a few lines, written in pencil, not signed, asking me to send her some safety pins to fix her clothes. (She was in a retirement community where she had recently moved from the "independent" area to the assisted-living building, and there were plenty of helpers for things like clothes repair.)



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Jan 24, 2005
there are so very many things i miss but most of all i miss feeling happy and content instead of feeling on edge all the time and feeling sad with a big lump in my throat every time i look at my dear husband and think of how it used to be.


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Originally Posted by Lindah

there are so very many things i miss but most of all i miss feeling happy and content instead of feeling on edge all the time and feeling sad with a big lump in my throat every time i look at my dear husband and think of how it used to be.
Linda h
I know how you feel,I feel just the same,I look at my wife,she looks so troubled and lost.
It really breaks my heart and I can do nothing
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