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Weird but true


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Mar 17, 2019
My mother, ever since she went to daycare, started singing , presumably some of the songs that they played there.I would hear snippets of By yon bonnie banks and The northern lights of old Aberdeen. Latterly she would sing My bonnie lies over the ocean. Earlier this year , instead of singing " I dreamt that my bonnie was dead" she would sing " I dreamt that I was dead".Not surprisingly, this upset me , and I would say " No those arent the words...". I have been thinking of this ever since she passed away on November 30th. She had never done this before, and she was not obviously ill other than being frail and demented. Her passing occurred as a result of a cold. Prior to then, I had thought she would go on for a while yet. Has anyone else ever had anything similar?


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Jun 27, 2018
Well this is something that I found odd. My husband PWD, said he saw his granny (dreamt maybe) and she had informed him that there were two places next to her in heaven!!, one for him and one for my mum. At that time mum was in a nursing home but quite well. I did tell mum what my husband had said and mum replied "not yet she hasn't". Anyway mum died 6 weeks later, which was totally unexpected. This was well over a year ago and husband still here. I know it was only coincidence, but it was still strange.