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We have lift off.


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Sep 23, 2008
Since Sunday afternoon our new lift has been operational. It is such a relief not having to risk David on the stairs and he has taken to the lift with no problem.
As a spin off we have another benefit. When clearing space for the lift installation I shoved some stuff up in the loft so it was out of the way.
Whilst up there I noticed the insulation on top of the cold water tank was crooked. On moving it I was horrified to find that the lid underneath which is made from wood was black with mould and had disintegrated in the middle and was in contact with the water. I removed the mouldy lid which promptly disintegrated plus all the bits floating on the surface and as a temporary measure covered the tank with wide kitchen foil. This was two weeks ago. Since then we have used mains tap water in a bottle to clean our teeth .
David has has a problem with phlegm especially at night for weeks. I had even had a sputum sample checked by the GP for bacteria. I have had no problem but then I do not get mixed up between spitting and swallowing when cleaning my teeth. I am sure David must have swallowed some mouldy water. Anyhow, his phlegm problem has now cleared and the plumber came yesterday and cleaned out the whole tank and made a new close fitting polycarbonate lid. I will stick with the mains water for teeth cleaning for David for a couple of weeks.
So, no waking up three of four times a night to help him deal with the phlegm and no more worrying we are going to be in a heap of broken bones at the bottom of the stairs morning and night.
It is such a relief.


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Feb 17, 2006
Well done :)

My mother ended up sleeping in front room because she could not do the stairs.
So am pleased for you that you now have a lift .

One less stress tick off the list for you :)


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Mar 4, 2012
I'm so glad the lift is working well for you and David.
Interesting about the phlegm, although the problem is mainly under control thanks to hyoscine patches, husband still ha spells when he just can't clear his throat

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