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we have absolutley no idea about paying for respite care etc


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Jun 10, 2019
Mum with dementia aged 83 father 83 is caring for her at home with no outside help at all has reached breaking point and can not cope with her aggression and total incontinence, she is totally incapable of doing anything for herself and can barely shuffle from chair to wheelchair she is 100% dependant on Dad, we have spoken with adult safeguarding team at social services today and arranged an emergency assessment for Wed and hopefully emergency respite care. The people I spoke to were very kind and helpful and listened to all I had to say and answered my questions but I was a little concerned that they kept going back to finances and about how much mum had in bank and joint bank. We don't know
how much money they have but know they may have some savings ,please can I ask can anyone advise me, what they may be entitled to and what questions should I ask when they do the assessment and financial checks.


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Mar 25, 2016
These fact sheets explain the process but essentially the financial assessment will be based on your Mum's savings/assets not your Dad's. If she has more than £23,250 she will be deemed a 'self-funder' and have to pay for her own care. During the care needs assessment make sure that you fully cover all of the care that your Mum needs, and the difficulties that your Dad is having caring for her. During the financial assessment they usually ask to see copies of bank statements, savings books etc:




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May 12, 2018
Hope the respite care has happened and that you got through this okay. How did it go with the financial form-filling etc?