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Was it too much for him


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Oct 16, 2007
manchester, uk
Hi e1

Was it too much for Jack. He was there all the way through Nanna's illness and seemed fine with it all. He was there at the end as I needed him to realise she had gone to the clouds and he wouldn't see her again in person.

Jack has problems with his lungs and heart and suffers with chest infections all the time, and has suffered night terrors since birth.

Since Nanna passed (2/11/07) he is now on his 2nd chest infection (not sure the 1st went) and his night terrors are getting worse.

He has always said he has friends (passed family members), but if they are there to help him why is he having night terrors???

Sorry but I'm a bit over the place at the moment and I'm worried about Jack.

Although I'd say while my Nanna was in the home I was the main family carer, I wasn't he was and not only to Nanna all the people at the home loved him.

Thank you for listening to me going on again. Hope you are all keeping well.

Take Care


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Feb 24, 2006
Hi Clare

I'm sorry to hear that Jack isn't well and hope his chest infection clears up soon. I have had night terrors myself and they are scary. I had them as an adult rather than as a child. However, I can't honestly say that they happened when I was going through a particularly traumatic time - I just went through a phase of having them and then they went away (hopefully for good!) I hope the same happens for Jack.

I won't tell you not to worry about Jack because I know you will - you're a mother and it's in the job description. However, I hope you are both feeling much better soon.

Take care and keep in touch.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Clare, it must be such a worry for you if Jack is getting one infection after another.

It has obviously upset him very much, losing you nanna. You both need some quiet time to recover now, and just be good to each other.

Jack is such a lovely little boy, I do hope you're both feeling better soon.


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Clare.

Sometimes when we look for a reason, we overlook the most obvious one. Jack is prone to chest infections and has always had night terrors. As winter draws in, it is likely the chest infections increase. The infections could affect the night terrors, as his sleep will be more disturbed.

Of course he could be deeply affected by the death of your Nana, but he could also be picking up sad vibes from you.

Who knows with children.

I hope he recovers soon, and you will both be able to have some pleasure at Christmas.

Love xx


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Feb 17, 2006
I have 4 children youngest is now 20

she use to have night terrors

read up a lot on it .

They most common in children . Night terrors sleepwalking are all disorders of arousal , called parasomnias .
Sleep Terrors: Also known as night terrors, this occurs when a person is suddenly awakened and feels terrified and confused. A sleep terror usually only lasts about 15 minutes, and the person then returns to sleep. Sleep terrors are most common in children. Most people who experience sleep terrors do not remember the incident the following morning.

They are usually brought on by stress

what help my daughter when she was having a night terrors, is getting a cloth with cold water , gently rubbing her face with it , till she came around and new who I was, she had them of on from the age of 2 till 8, she also use to wet the bed when it happen , never took her to the doctor about it , she just grow out of it .
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