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Mar 26, 2015
My dad is home from hospital after having his broken hip fixed after a fall . Now he is more confused than ever and has started to want to wander. He isn't safe on his own meaning we have to watch him 24/7. We are hoping that this acute stage will settle; any advice in the meantime would be appreciated


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Apr 24, 2013
Wandering is currently my main problem too with my husband. He always gets lost and invariably ends up at the house he lived in over fifty years ago. Of course by the next day he has no memory of this.

I try to wear him out by keeping him busy, going out during the day and walking in the evening. Even so he is constantly wanting to be on the move. I am afraid the only thing that slows him down, and not always, is medication. He takes Trazodone which acts to control agitation. Some days this is more successful than others but without it he would probably not be able to stay at home for as long.

Good luck