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Very annoyed!!! Rant warning


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Mar 17, 2009
After a 12 week stay in hospital, my mum was due to be discharged today into a nursing home. She's had shingles but the doctor says she's clear of it and the nursing home were happy to take her even though when they'd assessed her it was before the shingles and they said that although she had deteriorated they wouldn't need to reassess her - even checking with their head office.
It was all agreed with the hospital ward that today was the day mum would be discharged. I rang the ward a few times this morning and got no reply so left things for the day, thinking, I'd give mum chance to get settled into her new home and then I rang the nursing home late afternoon to see if she's ok. I was told that she hasn't been discharged as the hospital ward wants her to be re-assessed by the nursing home. Why???
No-one from the hospital ward thought to ring and tell me what was happening today!
No one from the ward mentioned this yesterday when I was giving then a thank you card and chocolates.
I've rung the ward tonight and the sister has finished for the day and got hold of a nurse but she couldn't tell me why this has happened.

I don't understand why. I'm really annoyed
I'll be on the phone to the ward sister first thing in the morning


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Nov 9, 2009
Hi nellon,so sorry you have had such a frustrating experience and lack of communication, can only give my experience on a simular predicament on my mum in law, she was assessed in her own home to go into a lovely (state funded) care home, she then was taken into hospital (again) for many weeks and would not be discharged until she was assessed in the hospital by the care home team and SS, It was only the kindness and consideration from the care home that we were informed what was happening, I believe this additional assessment was to do with social services funding, therefore she was in hospital longer then needed, if possible have a chat with the care home manager who may be more informative, as in our case the hospital were taking instructions:rolleyes: from social services.
I hope you get an answer very soon
Take care


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Hi Nellen - hope you've had an explanation, and an apology.

Do hope everything is still on track for your mother's discharge soon, and that there is no problem with her recovery from shingles that you hadn't been told about.