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Aug 17, 2014
I think the trouble we are having could be due to UTI and garden bird I will get GP to visit tomorrow.
We had more problems this morning with a lot of screaming it settled down after breakfast at 10.30am.
Plus I have to inject 3 times a day for diabetes and taking tablets is a daily battle.


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Dec 15, 2012
Good thought Del24, those pesky infections can cause havoc.

Might be worth checking about all her meds with the Gp - whether any can be crushed and hidden in eg yogurt, or if any can be given as a liquid and possibly hidden in drinks - or even whether it would harm if any are not taken one time, to save the stress.
I did ask dad's consultant about this once and he said for dad's evening meds (which were the trickiest to get him to take) it was not worth the stress to both of us to fight him to take them - this took the burden off me to push him and actually meant that he ended up taking them more often than not as I was so much more relaxed so he didn't catch any edginess from me. The consultant also altered the time to take one pill, and that helped too.
Just a thought.