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Use of smart TV.


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Sep 25, 2018
My old mum's banged up in a nursing home with a "Myhomehelper" tablet (which is good), a router to connect it to the internet (the nursing home has recently got their own WiFi too), and a TV for company, which I can control via a Broadlink RM mini, which is good.

Anyway, the non-smart TV went bang, and has been replaced by a smart one, currently operating in non-smart mode. I have set up my Android device (and her remote controls) to control the new TV. I have 8 spare "buttons" on my device's Broadlink interface (I could buy another RM mini or IR & RF universal remote for more spare buttons).

This is just a question: have you found interesting ways to help dementia sufferers by using a smart TV do do stuff, or have suggestions I could try out & report back on? Are there places on the 'net (or here) where such things have already been discussed?


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Dec 15, 2012
hi @Anotherz
I never managed to get dad's TV to link to the care home's wi-fi, so can't help directly

however, each visit I did programme the TV so that I chose what dad watched (it was on pretty much all day) and therefore made sure he was kept away from anything that might upset him ie no news, no hospital documentaries ...

I'd have loved to have been able to show him some Youtube eg orchestras playing as he loved the Proms or old films of his favourite Swing bands


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May 19, 2019
Hi, I work in IT and so my mother (cognitive issues 2016, diagnosed 2018, FTD, nfPPA) got all the gadgets money could buy. Smart TV, programmed to her favorite channels broadcast live by satellite from her own country, then nvidia shield with streemio to watch ANYTHING on earth, completely with a carer or myself at the ready to select and play the movies/tv programs. Also had the tablet version of all this, for the sake of completeness (in case the form factor was a problem).

Smart TV itself (the TV part of it) was a total failure. For about 6 months however she did enjoy something called 'moods', an app that shows moving scenes of beautiful places. She enjoyed the 'japan' one, a 17 minute loop, a lot. I miss that almost, because after a while she completely lost interest in the TV altogether. I'm told (and read extensively) about this issue. Eventually it's just noise and annoying moving images. And in the early stages, it's embarrassing to not remember what you know was your favorite movie or realize you don't really understand a basic sitcom.

Sorry for the bad news. That said, here's what i recommend as eveyrone mileage varies: get a smartphone (your own). install whatever app on it. Talk to your loved one and 'project' the content to the Tv. If you see them lookign for a remote to interact with it, that's good news. If not, you'll know soon enough (my mum just pull the plug on the television).

NOTE: photo frames on the other hand were a success. Dont' let one bad experience spoil the lot.