Travel insurance for people living with dementia


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Aug 31, 2003
Me again @PaulEd.

I found this from one insurer’s website -

You will be asked to answer a short series of questions about the dementia, such as do you need help with washing, dressing or eating, and whether you require more supervision now than you did six months ago. Travel insurance with cover for dementia can usually be issued immediately - it won’t take long and you don’t need to provide a doctor’s certificate.


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Feb 2, 2020
Well sadly, we never got travel to mum's beloved France this year and I am not sure if we or when we will get back, because of this damned Covid Virus. I am tempted to say Eff it and take her to France and on return declare we are going into confinment (who can check?!) i think my mum what be so much better off after a couple of weeks away.