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Touch/sesnsor indoor light/lamp.


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May 30, 2015

I'm hoping someone can recommend a touch or sensor light for the bedroom. My mum has difficultly finding a switch these days so ends up banging into things when getting up in the night.

I did a bit of research but unfortunately I haven't managed to find anything suitable. It would have to be a strictly on/off one - (not one of those where you have to touch it 3 times and scroll through the light settings - as that would be too confusing and counter productive). Also one that doesn't get hot for obvious reasons.

Might be better with a sensor one - trying to weigh up the pros and cons of this. Only managed to find the outdoor (really really bright) ones on a visit down town.

Thanks for any help and advice.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
If you want the room light to be controlled you could replace the existing switch with something like >>>THIS<<<

If it is a table lamp you could wire the lamp through the above switch mounted in something like >>>THIS<<<, maybe screwed to a surface.

Above are examples, you can get different colours/finishes, there are other suppliers, for the second item you could go to B&Q, I find the TLC site more user friendly than B&Q!!!

This much cheaper one comes complete with a remote control fob.
Don't know if the main switch glows the dark like the other.
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Dec 1, 2014
I used a kiddie night light, one that senses dawn and dusk, its on all the time but not really bright, but bright enough to see around the room.


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Nov 22, 2014
I bought some battery controlled sensor lights and put them in Mum's bedroom, hall and bathroom. If she got up in the night they detected the motion and switched on. If no movement after 1 minute they switched off automatically. Did not need to fix them on a wall, just on suitable shelves, table top etc.

Mum, who has resisted all 'aids' loved them and forgot they were there. I think I only paid about 5 pound each on the internet.


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Sep 21, 2013
we found one that is magnetic and attaches to radiator when MIL gets up it turns o for 3 mins and then off again time for her to get to door to bedroom and then comes on again whe she comes back was only £15

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