torturing Myself


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Mar 27, 2006
thats all i have to say...................................
Up Late again

thinking of Mum.

Id love to talk to one of you on the phone about this illness it would help
but i know i cant do numbers so here is my email address.

[edited by Brucie: sorry mate, for everyone's protection we do not recommend giving email addresses here - please suggest and use PMs]

Just listening to amazing grace and this song i here now is dedicated to Mr Jack Thomson my loving GRANDAD god rest his soul my mum's DAD.........
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Sep 23, 2007
Dartmoor Devon
Hello, I am quite new to TP but I can absolutely relate to what you are going through . My Mum is the same, just about to go into an EMI unit and the guilt is just terrible even though we know we have no alternative . If you want to send me a pm, I am happy to help where I can, even if it just to listen because sometimes, that what we need isnt it ?
Love Kate

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Mark - how was the gig last night? I ask, not to expect a review - but to sympathise with the late, late nights and/or early morning wakenings -

What worries me about you is how you manage to balance the 'highs' and adrenaline that must come from performing ...... I can just have a 'good day at the office' and come crashing down when the reality about mum hits me once I get back home ...... what support do you have then? Obviously, 'on tour' you are not with family who might support you? I've watched some of your promo clips and they look fantastic (already tried to book for an April date but not available yet! ) - but it is such an energetic and intense - even light-hearted - world in which you gain your livelihood (not to mention lots of pleasure and pride, I hope) -light years away from the sadness you face personally ......

Perhaps if you could find a way to balance the 'high highs' with the 'low lows' ... or at least find a bridge across ........

Sorry, not really got any ideas how you achieve that but sending you loads of love ..... and look forward to seeing you in April!

Love, Karen, x