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Today-with Lionel


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Mar 7, 2004
Tomorrow I am attempting to take Lionel to see his old school friends.

I have everything in place - carer coming to help me get Lionel up and dressed.She is going to stay and have breakfast with Lionel so I can get showered and beautified. Then she will help me get Lionel into the back seat of the car.

Hope all goes as I have planned...................

Friday night, Lionel refused to get into bed.......I had no carers in place (another day, another story)

uPSHOT .....HE SPENT THE NIGHT ON THE FLOOR...........Well wrapped up in duvets etc.
Needing the loo, 6.30. Sat. morn. he managed to do what was necessary, and THEN GET BACK INTO BED...............could not manage to get out out of bed without my help at 8.30. Funny sort of a day........hope tomorrow goes off without incident....Love Connie


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Jan 22, 2006
Hi Connie

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know that Lionel exhibits similarities.

My partner wasn't too bad this morning until I came upstairs to work on the computer and then he was in a terrible state an anxiety; really, really frightened saying 'you won't leave me will you, I thought you had gone forever and please don't put me away' I tried to reassure him and calm him down but it was to no avail; and so once again I had to resort to tranquillizers and after about an hour the panic subsided.

However, we went out for a meal with some friends that we met on holiday, and he was really happy and settled. He ate all his meal without incident and although quiet on occasion, he joined in the conversation at times. What a strange illness it is!