To Give Peoples Out There Ideas Of How The System Works


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Oct 2, 2009
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This is how the system local authority worked with Dad, it was not easy and I had to fight them all the way, but this is how it went, the procedure. It may give others some idea if they are going through it now, as I wasn't told or explained any of it and crawled through it all the way. And it was not easy at all.

Dad lived alone in a council house.

When I found out Dad first got dementia I took him to GPs and asked for mental tests. and social services help so she arranged all of this.
GP then arranged this with a clinic it was 3hr tests with a psychiatrist.
After social services got involved....
He was offered a carer twice daily for 20mins only.
This lady came also voluntary for 6wks to help with little things through a fund thing.
After his falls he was offered emergency necklace so when he fell they would ring him.
Then they placed a wooden rail on his stairs.
They gave him a commode when he could not walk upstairs as to where toilet was.
They did not help with any shopping or washing to be done, even though I lived a long way from him.

After numourous falls and then going missing from hospital for 8hrs I had a row with social worker and threatened with court action.

This in turn made her get her finger out and help me more, she sent me a list of care homes as he was losing his balance now to and was so weak.
Once he was placed in care home was told he would be there 6wks temporary.
Had to leave his house open for that period, in case he wanted to return home.
Despite his mental health this was the rules.
At the 6wk they asked him what he wanted to do, he could not answer.
So they declared him unable to make decisions anymore.
So he stayed in the care home, and I then sorted out the council house.

My Dads pensions go towards payments of care home and the other payments come from the local authority. So its like half and half I guess.

But I do know from other friends of their parents that owned properties of which they used all the monies from the properties to pay for the care first and when thats all used up then they go to the next source, be it persons pensions and local authority funds.

Hope this helps any one. At least you have an idea how the system now works as no one will ever bother who works in it to explain it to you.
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Apr 9, 2013
thanks for that i think this is the process we are about to go through! i work in the nhs and thought i know someting of the process but as i see from your thread i aint seen nothing yet. thank for the heads up and i will be on my guard with sw when they come calling.
Here hoping you get all that you require without to much of a fight