This is encouraging !!


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Jul 15, 2005
For anyone having trouble with it, you can also just go to

and click to the story on Alzheimer's vacine.

Let's hope they will speed up this research so our folks ( and we ) can benefit from it!



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Jun 18, 2006
white zinfandel

Hi, was very interested to see the part about wine.

My mum is now on tablets where she can't take alcohol. She never was a drinker.

But prior to this she would have the odd glass of white zinfandel and what a difference we saw. She could tell us names of people who were on telly, The Rolling Stones etc. etc. and her conversation became much more sensible. I was always relucant to tell doctors etc. about this in case they thought we were getting her drunk all the time, which was not the case. Perhaps there's something in the wine thing after all.