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think mum is worsening


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May 20, 2014
After about seven years..i think. Mum has remained mainly the same. But very recently she has seemingly forgotten how to use her vac and housework has been forgotten. We are had to her not recalling visits but my last two visits she has asked where her mum and dad are. Both times I ha e said about when they died ..lo Ng ago..she says she then recalls and that she is getting confused. But I fear this is her getting worse. sibling says she seems same tk her on her visits but I feel she covers well and its only as she relaxes that she lets slip try thoughts. She knows her husband is dead. It is just so odd. She was close to tears today and saying she regrets things done in her life..i try to change subject reassure her. But I am increasingly worried she isn't coping as well as she says..today she had mucked up her digital tv service..but she hadn't phoned to ask for help. So may have been without tv for day. She still won't see Dr..so am just in groundhog day till I can get her to see him. She is so independant. I managed to take sheets to wash as she thinks she changing bed etc all ok..but isnt .its a cruel thing when you have no idea how long this will go on for. Dustpan upside down today and her saying someone is coming in moving stuff. Breaking tv to drive her crazy..doesnt help with four cats she is tipping poo all over garden and I am scooping I up..she seems unaware she has a problem still


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Oh dear jen, this all sounds terribly familiar :(
When you say that she wont see the doctor do you mean that she hasnt yet been formally diagnosed? Perhaps you could write a letter /go and see her GP to let him/her know your concerns. The GP may be happy to send her an appointment for a "well woman check up" ;)
Also, if your mum is happy for you to change her bed, would she be happy to have a cleaner in? It would mean that there would be less for her (you) to do and there would be someone around to keep an eye on her.


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May 18, 2014
Does sound like you and your mum need more help now especially on the housework front. Use the cats as an excuse to get things done. I used to tell my mum that everything we are doing is so that she can look after her little dog.