The Inner Voice


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Jun 30, 2010
Practical Philosophy

Hi John,
This course sounds really wonderful, I've just googled it. I hope you enjoy it and meet many like minded people who share your interests and development of your inner voice. I'm sure Margaret will be proud of you :)
I'll be watching your space to learn how you find this course.
Good luck and my very best wishes,
Jancis x

PS I have been studying dowsing which has directed me towards my own interest in the power of intuition.


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Mar 5, 2011
Milnrow, near Rochdale

Yes Jancis you are certainly on my wavelength.To allow space in your busy life-"to keep a calm and open mind" a very difficult thing to do. I've just started a Philosophy course for ten weeks at Stockport,Belmont House,I'm looking for help in mind control so that when I come away from the Care Home,the thoughts of dispair regarding Margaret's weight loss and my helplessness do not leave me unable to cope.To live in the moment is what I'm aiming at. Watch This Space!
Great stuff Jancis push back the blinds keep, your awareness, it's there for all of us. The second lesson encouraged us to stop in our tracks.what ever we are doing. It sounds daft but it's all to do with this awareness thing.Only stop for a brief moment,it's all to do with being aware! Love John