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The Great Escape


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Feb 17, 2006
As I wait for the great Escape ( that what it feels like :eek: :) :rolleyes: :) ) 5am then flight 7:30

One thing has been bugging me, when talking to care home manger at mum respite . I of course had to mention dementia medication , he added that when in a care home full time , when they score under 10 they take the medication away, I keep quite ,because my mum score was 5 , I can’t understand this scouring as they are judging every person the same with dementia AD , then they say that every person with dementia is different , I believe that because my mother may score 5 , but my mother is not what the system of scouring says she should be so she is different from every one that’s why I shall keep mum at home with me as long as I can, because the system government out there does not care really all they want is to control us with there rules , if my mother had not got AD I would never of believed that.

He even told me that all this thing with CPN & dementia nurse not being a mental illness is just John mayor new way of thinking

As one day he had a man that had AD that was in World War 2 with post traumatic shock, he phone the army who said that if he had dementia or AD they did not want to know & could not help, so all they could do was call a CPN .

What my point don’t know ,because there never seem a point when it come to AD .Just look after myself so I can look after mum AD does not drive me mad , but this system does

Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Margarita hi,

good luck escaping down the tunnel - hope it all goes well for you... I think it's pretty hot down there at the moment - so drink a sangria or 4 for me as well...

If it's any comfort the system here in France is not very different - there is no central information or co-ordination centre. You just have to find things out for yourself. The drugs issue certainly seems easier because the government would not survive 5 minutes if it refused medical help - however except in cases like AD everybody has to pay for part of the treatment or have insurance to pay for part..

Anyway a trip to the Rock should help you to not worry about it all for a while - enjoy and relax

Hasta la vista


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