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The First Anniversary since Alzheimer's diagnosis!


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Oct 3, 2014
Midsomer Norton near Bath
This Friday 2nd October is the first anniversary of my hubby's Alzheimer's diagnosis! The year has flown by, it's also been an emotional & busy year for us to say the least! My hubby is only 55 and in the last year has declined more than I thought he would. We've done a bit of tv work and radio to spread the word that younger people are being diagnosed with this horrid condition. I'm trying to set up a local support group for younger couples like us to get together & exchange our stories. I've found it very hard to watch my hubby change and progressively forget simple things while remembering other things you'd expect him to forget! And I found it hard to keep my cool on many occasions!!!! Just shows you the complexity to this disease! Everyone is different as they say. For me personally it's the unknown that frightens me, how long will he be able to continue working? How long will he be able to carry out normal day-to-day tasks? How long will he remember the names of our grandchildren? What will he be like this time next year? All the questions that just can't be answered.
On the Plus side we've had a good year, fantastic support, spent many a weekend away on short romantic breaks, enjoyed our 33 years together, took days off when we shouldn't have done, spent extra special time with children and grandchildren, and my thoughts are long may it continue. I love him so much it hurts but I'm noticing the changes almost weekly and he's only 55, why is life so unfair I ask myself!

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Nov 18, 2014
Hi From Catherine

I read your post and it reminds me that, I am not alone.
It has been a year since i was diagnosed and I am now 58. I have mixed dementia and am simular to your hubbie in so many ways.
It's a day to day thing with this condition, some days are excellent and I feel like I am completely well and wonder what all the fuss is about? then I go to look for my phone, only to find Ive put it in the fridge instead of the milk?
other days I can feel sad an afraid at what is to come? but, I look at my hubbie, my grown up children and grandchildren and feel geatful that at least I have come this far and can still tell them how much I love them and appreciate them.
No 2 people with this condition are the same, just similarities. I am sure your husband loves you more now then ever before and cherishes every second he gets to spend with you and your family.

I try every day to live well with dementia, keep as healthy as possible and above all hope!

Catherine x


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Nov 18, 2014
Hi Trixxie

I know how you feel, also coming up to 1 year for us, although my husband was diagnosed 6 weeks after yours. You were very supportive of me at the time, despite all the emotions of your husbands diagnosis and that meant a lot.

I also can see where my husband has got worse, it hurts. Likewise we have some good times and are trying to make the most of the time we have while he can still travel and enjoy life.

Take care

H x


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Oct 20, 2014
Hi there!

Likewise for me, just over 12 months since my husband's diagnosis. You were also supportive to me, so thanks for that.

It's scary I agree. I've seen my husband quite up and down over the past 12 months. In some ways he seems better, in others worse. We were lucky to get onto a clinical trial but I don't think I can see any significant differences in him with the medication he is taking. I guess it's a case of making the most of today and trying not to think too much about the future, but grabbing every opportunity you can for him and you. Keep strong!


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Jul 14, 2006
It has been just over 10 years since my husband was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He was 62 years old.

I found the first year really difficult, sometimes despair of the bomb that had shattered our plans for retirement, other times thinking there had been misdiagnosis and there was nothing wrong, he was overworking. He was prescribed Aricept and with the help of colleagues who he told and lots of note books he continued to drive and work for 4 years. I won't say it was easy but a lot better than I had envisaged it.

We took it a day at a time, no point looking into the future, no one can and no two people living with dementia follow a set path. You are doing all the right things, and making good memories for you to remember on the dark days if they come. Doing are best is all we can do and you are doing a great job. Wishing you many, many more enjoyable days.

Alison N

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Jan 3, 2015
Hi Trixxie

We too have just hit that milestone of one year. Yes it has gone so quickly. OH has been medically retired at just 52 as his progression is quicker than I thought it would be and I have finished work to be with him. We, like you, are trying to do all the things that we want to while we still can. You gave me good advice a year ago and I am trying to take it but I still wonder what the future will bring and I know I am not alone. There is not much outside support for younger sufferers where we live so it's a case of pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get on with it but I must admit that sometimes it is a struggle.

I hope you have a good day tomorrow.

It helps so much to know we have the support of one another here on TP.

Alison x