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The Archers


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Jan 28, 2005
Hello everyone

As some of you will already be aware, The Archers on Radio 4 is currently tackling issues surrounding memory loss as part of an ongoing story involving the characters Jack and Peggy Woolley.

Over recent months Jack and his family have been finding it increasingly difficult to cope with his forgetfulness and confusion. Such is their concern that they have finally sought help from their local doctor who in turn has referred Jack to a memory clinic for further tests.

The storyline is attracting a lot of interest, especially on The Archers website, which hosts a wide variety of discussion boards similar to Talking Point. By visiting the link attached below (and making your way to the section entitled Message Boards and Discuss The Archers) you can join the debate and have your say on the story, and help rasie awareness of the Society at the same time!


Happy surfing...



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Mar 23, 2005
The Story Behind the Story

Hi All,

The background to this storyline in the Archers appeared in Tuesday's Telegraph and it is fascinating.

It turns out that the husband of actress who plays Peggy Wooley had AD, as did the brother-in-law of the actor who plays Jack Wooley.

The article can be found online here:


It also gives some very good insights into how sensitively this storyline has been developed and the integrity of the process.

Take care,



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May 27, 2005
Have to say, I rarely listen to the radio, but does anyone know if there's a 'script' available online - I'd very much like to see the context of the broadcast.

Also - I believe that there's possibly going to be similar issues raised re: Mile Baldwin on 'Coronation Street'.

Who knows? If that's the case I might even watch the prog. (I'm not a fan you see).

Any info. much appreciated.

The only 'dramatised' stuff I have seen on the subject is the film 'Iris' which I reckon was done very well... any other t.v. stuff out there I would also like to see.