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The Alzheimer's Awareness Projeci


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Oct 30, 2012
I am launching an Alzheimer's Awareness initiative which will hopefully serve the caregivers for those with the disease. My initial idea is to spread the question: "If you could teach one person one fact about Alzheimer's what would it be?" via social media using a specific hashtag. Very clearly and simply I try to explain how to do it. Write the fact down. Then hold it, showing your image (or not, but I like to think caregivers don't just need to be heard, they need to be seen).

Now I think I'd like to change gears. People need to know about Alz and other forms of dementia but the caregivers out there need their voices heard and need support. So I was thinking to shift the focus on them. But now I'm stuck between the two and I'd love it if anyone could share their opinion on it.