Terrible Night

plastic scouser

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Sep 22, 2006
Hale Village, Liverpool
I would welcome advice from you all on what to do next...

Last night at about 11pm my Mum rang to say that Dad had attacked her. He'd punched her 2 times on the arms, believing that she was robbing the house. Mum rang some friends to come and help her - only for Dad to attack the male friend with a walking stick - breaking the stick in the process. The friends, fearing for Mum's safety rang the police - this actually proved to help as Dad thought that they'd come to help him with the burglars...

Mum of course was at her wit's end, crying, frightened and totally unprepared for Dad's violence (he's never so much as raised his voice at Mum during 45 yrs of marriage).

This morning she got a visit from her local mental health nurse who advised she should get a lock for her bedroom door & get a phone that she can access at all times. In the meantime she was told to prepare for the fact that Dad is going downhill very fast and may end up in a care home in the next 6-10 months....

I don't know what to do about this, I don't think Mum does...Help!


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Feb 17, 2006
Gosh, you would have thought they could of offered your mother emergency respite for your dad .why not try ringing emergency social services see what they say?

has your mum ever had respite ?


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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex
Your poor Mum must be terrified, poor thing. Is someone able to stay overnight in case it happens again?

If it does, I suggest his GP is called urgently, it sounds like a frightening hallucination. There may be some medication changes that would help him.

My Grandad was the same with my Nan, it was so distressing for her, she said he would cut off his arm rather than hurt anyone, and there he was pinning her against the wall because she was, in his mind, stopping him going to see his Mum at three in the morning.

It is tragic the way this disease tears us to pieces.