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Swollen face


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Jun 9, 2021
My Husband is 4+ years into his diagnosis of Early Onset Severe Alzheimer's He was hospitalized last month for swelling in his face He was unrecognizable. It happened so very quickly too. Within a 24 hour period he went from whats wrong with your eyes, does it hurt, does it itch, to oh my heavens i am calling the Dr. The said it was facial cellulitis. He was in the hospital for 5 days , swelling went down but not completely by the time he was released. He has started to swell again. No changes in meds, laundry detergent or foods , called the dr and he went back on benadryl and an antibiotic He has a little fever around the eye area he does not have a temperature it is just warm to the touch and his face is red. He is still in the night, sleeps on his back. With the disease he sleeps a lot during the day. He does not do much walking He has a difficult time describing to me how it feels, he struggles to find words sometimes. I have to read the situation and guess Heartbreaking


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Dec 15, 2012
hello @AmySue
a warm welcome to DTP
heartbreaking certainly, and challenging for you
I hope the meds work ... it's frustrating and worrying when you want to be able to sort out what's wrong
do you have support? ... your husband has a right to an assessment of his care needs by his Local Authority Adult Services, and you to a carer's assessment ... from that a care package should be suggested eg home care visits, day care, respite
now you've joined us do keep posting, it helps to share experiences

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