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Surprising CHC success !


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Aug 5, 2014
Kendal Cumbria
We went to see Dad in hospital again today (week 7 still wanting for a nursing home bed) and found out that he will be CHC funded for three months once a bed is found. However this is the problem, there are not enough local EMI beds . We had though we had found an appropriate place at a fairly new home but they have said they cannot meet his needs in their EMI department. He is still on a waiting list at a nice local private residential care and nursing home but on Friday they rang to say that they are aware of his needs but still do not have a bed (this would be our preferred choice)
We have been warned that now the CHC has been granted we might be "told" where Dad will be sent and might not have any choice at all. Which could mean him being placed into a particular home that had a bad CQC report or being placed much further out of the area.
The home further away looks good on the web site, but has three areas for improvement on their CQC report, however does have a very positive reputation and is in a lovely location. Dad wouldn't be aware where he was anyway, but my concern is for my Mum who is 83 so visiting him would be more tricky.
Mind you anything is better than an NHS badly staffed hospital ward!!
If anyone out there is going through the CHC process--I didn't think Dad would get it, but he did, its worth reading and re reading that blasted 140 page NHS CHC Guidelines document
I realise we will have to go through the whole process again in 3 months.......! I intend to keep notes as "evidence " during that time!

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Well done indeed with your efforts.

I hope your Dad will prosper and that you will continue the fight. It is just such a shame you have to.

Good luck.:)