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Support for my mum dealing with my dad with dementia and cancer


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May 18, 2015
My dad is 68 and got azheimers and now cancer too. My mum is his sole carer as lives 200 miles away....
How can I find more support for her as she is finding life hard...
I am more worried about her than him and she is now looking at respite care but constantly worried about money !


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Nov 9, 2009
Hi Tzippi, firstly may I send you heartfelt wishes for your dad who now has a physical illness as well as Alzheimers, it really must be so hard for mum as well as yourself for caring such a distance away: her first point of contact would be her GP who should be able to arrange a full assessment of needs for dad via Social Services, they will assess any help needed including respite, going through the GP(from experience) does speed things up, Macmillian also may be able to advise and offer help for mum.
Here we can offer support and understanding and maybe some of us here will have been going through a simular situation and offer more ideas, above all please don't feel alone anymore.
A warm welcome to you to Talking Point, hope you can get practical help and more peace of mind for both you and mum soon.
Chris x